9th PLHA: Members Recount Experiences, Appreciate God, Constituents

The immediate past members representing Kanke State constituency and the Deputy Majority leader of the 9th Plateau State House of Assembly, Barrister Wallok Goma and member representing Bokkos Constituency, Engineer Amurudu Usaini have appreciated God that used the people to give them the mandate to represent them in the 9th State Assembly.

The former members were thanking God for seeing them through the 4 years. as 24 of them started together but 2 members died and could not see the end of the tenure. They also thanked their families, constituents for their support and appreciated the moments they shared with colleagues and staff of the assembly.

The lawmakers who represented their constituencies in delivering legislative businesses of law making and oversight functions which are the primary responsibility of the elected representatives, said they also provided dividends of democracy to their constituents in areas of Empowerments with Cash and Equipments, Education, Water and Road network within their constituencies.

According to Barrister Wallok Goma, in areas of representation, he represented his people well as he moved and supported motions to the benefits of his constituency and the state at large and also sponsored bills that have direct bearing on the citizens with some of them passed into law by the governor’s assent.

Wallok said among the bills he personally sponsored and which was passed into law was the “Traditional Rulers Renumeration Law” apart from bills sponsored in groups. Also among motions moved by him was the motion that saw to the completion of the General Hospital in Kwall, which was initiated since in the time of Sen. Joshua Dariye when he was a governor.

He noted that in terms of representation, he represented his Constituency well by always presenting their problems to the government and ensuring that anything that is due for his constituency was given to them or captured in the budget.

In area of constituency interventions, Wallok mentioned few to include the construction of Golkung bridge in Shiwer, Schools in Goktok, Nemel and Garram which are under construction. Others are empowerments for the youths and women with Sewing, Grinding and Pumping Machines, cash token of N10,000 each to about 500 beneficiaries.

Also, the member representing Bokkos Constituency, Engineer Amurudu Usaini, said whatever he was able to do in his four years of representation are what God’s designed for him to achieve and that those he wished to do but was unable he considered them as not God’s plans for him to accomplish within the 4 years.

He said though execution of projects are primarily in the hands of the executive, but sometimes they cannot fold their hands when they see their people in need and yet to be attended to by the executive, so they sometimes try to bridge the gap by intervening.

Amurudu said he built Primary Healthcare, Clinics and renovated some, he constructed 3 motorize boreholes, drilled 19 hand pump boreholes and fixed 46 broken boreholes, renovated 7 primary schools constructed 11 primary schools, Examination Hall, Science Laboratory, 1 Police outpost.

“Just recently I constructed a primary healthcare which is at 95 percent stage of completion and I’m trusting God to complete it. There were over 28,000 Textbooks and Exercise books that I also distributed, I distributed Wheelchairs for the physically challenge, there are Grinding Machines, Sawing Machines, Water pump for dry season farming, Fertilizer and so many other things.

“Even after office those I can do I hope to continue because people are my greatest access” said Amurudu.

He said through the help of God he was able to secured job opportunities for his constituents but at the Federal and State civil service where he advised the governor of the state, Barrister Caleb Mutfwang to look into his pronouncement of suspending all employment met from 1st October, 2022 with wisdom because the workforce in Plateau State is in dare need of more hands.

Engr. Amurudu said his only regret in the House was not achieving the construction of Mbar-Mangar, Richa-Kamoi road which has been in the budget year in year out. He said though the road construction is beyond what he can do but he put up so much effort by lobbying for the road to be constructed by the executive but to no avail.

According to the former member, the road is key to the people of Bokkos, particularly Kulere because it connects 4 Districts, 4 State Wards and 3 Federal Wards and because of its importance, he embarked on safe help rural road maintenance by having 15 people from the communities in his payroll to be maintaining the road manually for the past 3 years.

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