December 6, 2022

A FOOL’S PARADISE – The Northern Christian and the myth of Political Power

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I would be extremely vexed if the APC doesn’t fly an all-Muslim presidential ticket in the 2023 general election.

As a Northern Christian, I have not seen a single Christian politician worthy of sharing Tinubu’s ticket, so why should the party pick an unpopular Christian running-mate for its strong candidate?

Northern Christians, unlike their southern counterparts, assume that being overtly religious is enough to open every door to them. The Southern Christian, like the Northern Muslim, uses religion as a tool to create and solidify their place in the scheme of things. Be it in business, academic, or political power tussle.

We feel entitled to things we did not labour or suffer for. We elect fools and thieves to represent us and dare to demand that our foolish political leaders, who do not stand out in any ramifications, deserve to become running-mates to those who have strived to build impeccable political records.

Back in the 70s, three military musketeers controlled whatever happened in the country: Gen. Shehu Musa Yar’adua from the North, Gen. Theophilus Yakubu Danjuma from the Middle-belt, and Gen. Olusegun Obasanjo from Southern Nigeria.

Gen. Yar’adua built a business and a political dynasty that produced an Atiku Abubakar and Umar Musa Yar’adua who both rose to the highest point of the Nigerian political pyramid.

Gen. TY Danjuma has no business presence nor a viable political structure in the entire Middle-belt region that would compete with what the other two generals were able to achieve for their regions in the last 45yrs. A certain Gen. Yakubu Gowon also falls in this category, they both wanted to build a reputation for themselves as good leaders while leaving their region and its people in the hands of any crook who wanted to use it for political or economic gain. Now their people are facing the effect of their selfishness in a region that is the most hopeless in the entire country.

Gen. Obasanjo has one of the biggest and most profitable agri-businesses in the Southern region and later rose to become an elected President of the country. He has done well for his people and would go down in the history of his region as an employer of labour and an international political juggernaut.

The Nonchalant attitude and lack of foresight of both Gen. Danjuma and Gen. Gowon is the reason why the minority tribes of the middle-belt are this inconsequential in the National debate or political calculations. They did not have any succession plan, they did not inject their people into the military or ship them abroad to study for future relevance as their friends did, so they would die and be forgotten in no time by their people and their wealth may go to outsiders or to their children who have no business with the middle-belt and its people. Our loss.

Gen. Danjuma is supposed to be the only oil magnate from the middle-belt, but how many major oil marketers from the region has he groomed or supported? The Yar’adua dynasty has a hand in Shema Oil, MRS, and others. Obasanjo had a hand in Forte Oil, Oando, and Conoil. Gen. Danjuma, with all his international oil businesses, did not find one of his kinsmen worthy of joining the league of those who would continue to dominate the sector for the next 20yrs…. AA RANO, SHEMA, SHAFA, NIPCO etc.

The Northern Christians still look unto the likes of Gen. Danjuma for political direction. The man who has never mentored any credible politician from his own roots should never be considered if the region seriously wants to break away from the mediocrity of its past and forge a new bloc to challenge the North and South in the national political struggle which has since left it in obscurity. The General does not have eyes for good political mentees that’s why he ends up bringing forth people who lack political clout and leadership abilities to further smear his name in the mud of visionless patriarchy. The people he goes to for political advice are people whose brains are politically handicapped, so they have always led him in the direction of their selfish interest instead of what befits the people and the times.

In conclusion, no Northern Christian in today’s APC can stand shoulder to shoulder with the Northern Muslim APC chieftains who bring a track record to the table. Religion is not a criterion in the catalogue of accomplishments. So the Christians should better go back to the drawing board and bind themselves with a single chord, then they would find hope in seeking, nurturing, and grooming credible young people who must sacrifice themselves to drag their visionless people back to the table of political relevance in Nigeria.

If Gen. Danjuma and Gen. Gowon still have the interest of their people at heart, this is the only opportunity they’ve got to right the wrongs they’ve done to the entire region.

The Middle-belt is the wealthiest part of this country but cannot boast of any serious presence on the country’s business stage. A Dangote from Kano has taken over the entire region from under the noses of Danjuma and Gowon and made it his farmland.

We must stop complaining and begin to either prepare ourselves to start laying a new foundation for our future or relax and become nobodies in the same middle-belt we claim to dominate. Because thousands of foreigners are being empowered and are on their way to remove us from our homes. The fate of Southern Kaduna inhabitants will befall us all very soon, let’s continue dividing ourselves along ethnic and religious lines.

And as for Gen. Danjuma and Gen. Gowon, they won’t be here when the invaders overrun the region with their chariots from Hell. Let’s continue trusting that they have our interests at heart. Shalom!!!

14th June 2022.