February 4, 2023

Armed Attacks: “Not all threats need federal clearance for security deployments” – Former Paramilitary Official

Mr. David Victor Dimka

A former Comptroller of the Nigerian Customs Service, Mr. David Victor Dimka says State governments have sufficient powers under the country’s constitution to deploy troops to scenes of disturbances.

“Anyone who tells you that all orders must come from the federal government is not telling the truth,” said Dimka in a zoom meeting with bloggers from Plateau State on 28 April.

According to Dimka, States only need to inform federal officials on certain decisions and not seek clearance from them to mobilize troops to intervene during attacks.

“Orders don’t come from the state but it’s not every security situation that you take orders from the federal government,” he said.

“There are situations you can handle within. There are situations that all you need is to intimate the federal government or the National Security Adviser on what is happening,” said Dimka who noted state Governors have no excuse to fail on protecting their citizens.

“Security comes first before education and economy. It is when the people are secured that they can have a sound mind and secure their businesses – go to work, go to schools without any fear of being attacked.

“Once that is not there, you will see yourself living in captivity and nothing will be done to see that the state is handled in terms of prosperity, going to school, going to farm, going to work, and so many other things.

“Once you educate the society – the children, the youth, you are trying to ensure that the future of that state or individual is guaranties because you expose him to everything he needs to fend for himself,” he said.