“Be Ready To Return Home, Do Not Allow Fear To Paralyze you” COCIN President Tells Victims of Attacks. 

The Church Of Christ In Nations, COCIN President, Rev. Dr. Amos Mohzo has charged the Internally  Displaced Persons in Mangu LGA, not to allow fear to paralyze them in view of what is happening, but to be courageous to face the situation and be ready to return to their homes as soon as the security situation improves.

Rev. Dr. Mohzo Who was accompanied by the members of the COCIN Executive Council and the Board of trustees, first addressed the people at RCC Headquarters in mangu and thereafter proceeded to Panyam.

“This is our encouragement to you, don’t be afraid. You men that are alive this is not the time to fear, follow the instructions of both traditional and spiritual leaders and be courageous. The Lord will be with you.” The President said.

In his words of condolence to the Internally Displaced Persons at Mangu Rev.Dr Mohzo told the people not to forget God at this trying moment emphasizing that what they are going through should strengthen their faith in God.

He assured them that the Church is with them in their difficult moment adding that the Lord is their strength and he alone can meet their needs and expectations at this period.

The president also used the opportunity to called on those who have not made their lives right with God by accepting Jesus as their personal Lord and savior to do so before it is too late.

The Church President assured the victims of the Fulani terrorist attacks that the Church is mobilizing relief materials for delivery to them through their Leaders. 

Meanwhile, the President also address the Pastors in both Regional Church Council,RCC of Mangu and Panyam  to give hope to the people at such difficult times as true shepherds of the flocks. He assured them that the entire church is standing with them.

” Stand as an encourager to the people, in the place of adversity let us find strength in prayer and worship. Gather together, seek the Lord and pour your hearts before him. Pray for protection, restoration and healing for your communities and for the local churches.

“Let us not put our hope on how much weapons we can get, our weapon is in Christ, if God will make Samson with just a jaw of a donkey to destroy a whole community, that God is still alive, He’s the same yesterday, today and For ever.” Rev. Dr. Mohzo maintained.

The Chairman of the Provincial Church Council,PCC Gindiri, Rev. Jacob Dashop thanked the leaders for the visit which he said was a great encouragement to them in this trying time.

The church leaders ended the visit with a special prayer for the victims of the recent Fulani terrorists’ attacks on Mangu, Riyom , Bokkos, Barkin Ladi, Jos South local government areas.

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