December 2, 2022

Benue State Lauds Plateau Peace Building Agency Initiative

The Benue State Government has commended the Peace Building Agency of the Plateau State Government which they say has transformed the state from terror stricken state to a peaceful state.

The government of Benue State stated this while on a learning visit to Plateau State on the processes that brought about the Plateau State Peace Building Agency, which they believe is yielding positive result in the state.

Leader of the delegation, Damian Cheme who is the majority leader of the Benue State House of Assembly, said they are in the state to learn more from Plateau State and improve on the recently passed Peace Building Commission by the Benue State Assembly, which was assented to by the state Governor, Samuel Ortom.

The Plateau State Deputy Speaker, Saleh Yipmong and the Majority Leader, Daniel Na’anlong took time to explain to the visitors what necessitated the peace building agency and how it was established.

They said apart from the peace building agency that was established in 2016, they also passed a law that gave birth to the establishment of Plateau Small and Medium Enterprises Development Agency (PLASMEDA) in 2017. Which empowers young people to develop their businesses and skills in order to eradicate idleness which is being identified as lead cause of conflict or criminality.

Also, they told the visitors that there is an Inter-religious Council that works with the peace building agency in exploring peace in the state by dialoguing with stakeholders and all aggrieve parties in the state.

Speaker of the Plateau State House of Assembly, Yakubu Sanda while responding, thanked God for using the state as a learning ground for many states.

“Adamawa was here to learn about autonomy, Taraba was also here and today Benue State is here. I want to thank God for using Plateau as a platform for others to emulate” he said.

The visitors that comprise of Legislators, Executive and Civil Society in the state, said without sentiment, they will be bold to implement what they have learned in Plateau State based on the peculiarity of their problem and to complement the existing anti grazing law of the state to achieve peace.