21 persons have been reportedly killed in an attack in two different villages in Heipang Community of Barkin Ladi Local Government Area, Plateau State by fulani militia alongside Bandits

The attackers, who came around 1:26am killed 17 Persons in Batin of Heipang town while 4 persons were killed in Rayogot while 7 Persons sustained fatal injuries

After carrying out the attack in Heipang town, on siting the attackers, vigilante members from Rayogot who were on alert tried to stop them but in the process, 4 persons were killed.

The incident which ought to have ordinarily been averted going by the security alerts given out to all relevant bodies including OPSH, but the attacks were still carried out.

Prior to the attack, there was a robbery incident along Heipang Highway, killing one person and injuring one.

The identity of the criminals was not yet ascertained by all including Security agents, but the entire District has been subjected to impending attacks, which true to fact, was carried out with little or no response to avert it.

Recall that in 2019, there was a similar attack on the Heipang Highway which was later established as to a robbery case. It was traced that the attackers trailed the victims from Kara cattle market in Bukuru only to kill them at Heipang to return to their destination.

It is great concern that despite the security alert, and the presence of security personnel patrolling the community, their was no trace of the attackers.

Also recalled that on the 28/04/2023, there was an attack in Tapo Community of Heipang District leaving 4 persons dead, and BYM made a press statement to the effect that the attack was meted out by Fulani Militias. Surprisingly, Operation Safe Haven-OPSH’ spokesperson, the security body called it a Community clash, contrary to the actual incident that occurred then. Instead of the providing credible evidence, the 4 Sector Commander, Col. U. S. Abdulsalam had threatened the National Publicity Secretary to apologise over the Press Statement at a meeting with some members of the community in attendance.

The BYM wants to made it clear that if OPSH under Sector 4 feels the statement misrepresented the true picture of what transpired, it can explore legal means to seek redress and not to resort to threats and intimidation

It is worthy of mention that, after the attack on Chit village in Heipang which resulted to the dead of 5 persons and over 50 cattles were rustled on the 13th June, 2023 and Sam reported to the security. It was further gathered that the native cattle owners and some youth leaders from Heipang visited the Sector 4 Commander to ask for update on investigation, Col. US Abdulsalam told the delegation that they (Security) tracked the phone that was taken by the attackers, but they are waiting for the DSS to effect the arrest.

Also based on reports available to us, that sometime in June, 2023, the District Head of Heipang insulted by Administrative Officer of Sector 4, saying that the Paramount Ruler is “very stupid” for calling and reporting about a security situation in the area.

Why is it that after the exit of Col. MD Abdulsalam, Security situation is Barkin Ladi summersaults and things went bad as against what the then Commander,Col. M. D. Abdulsalam, who was up and doing and had the general area under unprecedented calmness with no coordinated attack for over two years of his Command?

This, among other things have left us with concerns as to why the lopsided response by the present Sector Commander.

The BYM hereby calls for immediate the redeployment and investigation on the activities of Col. US Abdulsalam.

We equally call on our people to remain calm but under intense vigilance as well as exploring all legal means to protect themselves as none of our dead brothers can ever returned.

Rwang Tengwong
BYM National Publicity Secretary

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