December 2, 2022

Book Review: “Lurking Darkness,” a rare guide to freedom from drugs

LURKING DARKNESS, book by Rev. Dr. Hosea Stephen Vongdip on drug abuse

The book “Lurking Darkness; Resisting the Temptation of Substance Misuse” is a simple, brief and precise guide to escaping drug abuse and addiction, a menace that has caused the death, (physical, mental, social, economic, etc.) of many, including adults.

The author, Mr. Hosea Stephen Vongdip (PhD), an experienced paramilitary official, counselor and Pastor considers the ideas in the book a “part” of him which he hopes will liberate many from the slavery of drugs.

The book comprises of ten compelling articles on self-worth, fear, effects of Substance abuse, goal pursuit and freedom. Others are listening to own conscience, reality, problem solving, God’s plan and breaking free from addiction.

The author carefully identifies issues affecting human psychology, drawing a link with social and environmental factors, and providing step-by-step direction on how to conquer cravings for drugs.

His key approach was to profer diverse solutions from the Biblical perspective. The suggested approaches can however be applied to cure drug related issues in any individual regardless of their faith. This is because the book was sources from a multiplicity of literature from a wide range of disciplines, making it a one-size-fits-all solution.

It is therefore recommended that the book be made available to psychiatric hospitals, rehabilitation homes, schools, churches and even public libraries for general human use.

The ideas in the book, if applied have a wide advantage for social, economic and political growth of society. Only sound and alert and minds can innovate and improve life in any society.

Those who have given to drugs and left without help, most times are not just a problem to themselves but even more, others as they are likely to, under the influence of the drugs, harm others, misinterpret messages and likely cause economic devastation.

This is in addition to the likelihood of stealing or robbing to earn and makeup for their inability to create wealth on their own.