Church Takes Climate Change Campaign to the Pulpits

Worried by the global warming occasioned by Climate Change, the Leadership of the Church of Christ In Nations, COCIN, Regional Church Council, RCC, Hwolshe has organized a seminar for all the Executive Council, Pastors and group leaders on Climate Change.

The seminar which was held at the RCC headquarters in Jos, Plateau state capital was in collaboration with a Non-Governmental Organization, known as Niche Relief Legacy Foundation to sensitize the pastors and leaders on the effect of the global crisis and the need for them to be co-advocates in the campaign on how to mitigate the adverse effect of the global phenomenon.

In a welcome address, chairman of the RCC, Rev. Williams John Istifanus read Jeremiah 2:7, Isaiah 24:4-5 and other supporting chapters in the Bible. He said God admonishes people to care for the environment and all the creatures and added that man has failed God, by not taking care of the earth. “they have defiled the earth and destroyed it by their careless living.” added the clergy.

“Climate change occurred because of our inability to take care of the natural creation that God has created. So because of that we are suffering the consequences…, primarily due to the burning of fossil fuel like coal, oil and gas which produces heat trapping gap through which we have what we call this climate change.

“Animals in the bush, birds in the sky, are all suffering, including human beings because of global warming and the rest. There is a need for all of us to come together in the fight against this pandemic hence, this very seminar is so crucial.” he added.

The clergy called on the participants to listen keenly in the seminar and see areas they can ameliorate the effect of the climate change. He reminded them that the idea for the seminar was for them to go back and effect the change in their various communities and to step it down to their congregation to avert the issue of climate change.

Facilitator of the seminar who is the Executive Director of the Niche Relief Legacy Foundation, Mr. Yohanna Duwara, and co-facilitators, Rev. Moses Thliza and Mrs. Blessing Ngwalagu Hamman spoke on some topics which includes “understanding the concept of Climate Change, the evidence that the earth is warming. What challenges and opportunities does climate change present?, Climate Change Adaptations, Mitigations and Resilience, What can we do as Development workers to mitigate or reduce the impact of climate change in our communities? among other topics.

Some of the participants who spoke to this medium, Mrs. Suzana Gunok and Licensed Pastor Daman Enoch said the seminar is apt considering what they described as some blunders they have made by cutting down trees in the name of securing the environment. They pledged to go back and be activist in addressing some of the menace by encouraging tree planting, discouraging bush burning and other things that are exposing the environment.

The participants gave practical example with the current situation in Plateau state where before now is referred to as the most friendly place to be by the nature of the cool weather that attracts tourist. They reminded themselves that some 20 years ago, offices, places of worship and houses hardly used Air Condition in Jos, but reverse is the case today do to the climate change.

Videos where played for the participants on effect and contributions of some individuals in mitigating the climate change effect and the participants were also divided into groups for discussions on how to address the issue.

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