February 4, 2023

Covid-19: Woman pays 83 poor petty traders, others to stay home

Violet Adama Kaburuk Nyelong

A female Activist in Central Nigeria, Mrs. Violet Kaburuk Adama has paid dozens of poor petty traders, mostly aged women more than twice their weekly earning to stay at home and be safe from coronavirus.

From personal savings, Violet also paid many active drug addicts and others on the way to drug addition, to save them from depression, which could cause them to use drugs during lockdown.

It is a followup to her anti-drugs campaign started early March with the launch of her personal nongovernmental organization, ZISHIYA Empowerment Foundation.

The NGO seeks to find, rehabilitate and train Nigerian drug addicts in business.

The latest intervention, mainly in Jos the capital of Plateau State, was however not part of the NGO’s projects, but a personal concern for the poor, “who cannot afford and are not sure of where their next meal is coming from,” said Violet.

Merely driving round Jos city, interacting with and reading the “expression on their faces,” Violet feels “Government cannot do it all; and we cannot just wait to have it all enough before reaching out.”

However, the young, loving mother of three declined to be filmed during the intervention which covered 83 people.

“It is embarrassing; besides, this is nothing,” she said.

He desire, as she puts it, is to see those who do not have stable income, live happily, and safe from diseases, not to show off using their pains.

She might be one of few who would practice such rare benevolence in contemporary society.

Even government, last weekend in Jos launched the distribution of “palliatives”, mostly noodles and few kilograms of grains per select household, but not without inviting journalists and cameramen to report.

Violet’s example might be worth emulating, and maybe not, depending on individual perspectives.