January 27, 2023

COVID-19: Young Nigerian produces foot press hand washing tool

Bennie's hand washing tray

Bennie Agro Nigeria Ltd, a rising automobile company based in Jos, Plateau State has unveiled the world’s likely first “foot press” hand washing tray.

It is a hands-free equipment that allows users access water and detergent to wash their hands without touching anything.

The device has two foot pads that control the flow of water and detergent from two taps on top of a suspended basin.

It might not be the first hands free hand washing equipment but its type appears to be the first.

Moreover, it is a simple, movable nonmotorised equipment that can be purchased even by low-income households.

When used, it will reduce the chances of recontamination after washing of hands, as one wouldn’t have to touch any tap or button, to turn it on or off.

Owned by Plateau born Jerry Isaac Mallo, Bennie Agro specializes in manufacturing agricultural equipment.

In 2016, the company unveiled Africa’s first locally made tractor and in October 2019, it unveiled Nigeria’s first sports car.

The hand washing tray is among several innovations by the company to help fight the spread of COVID-19.