December 6, 2022

Cultism is Satanic Worship that can only be stopped through Prayer- Repentant Cultist

Hezekiah Panye

The growing trend of occult activities in our communities is worrisome and gradually becoming an epidemic that needs urgent attention before it consumes us all. The youths who are supposed to be the pivot of the society are becoming unproductive and nuisances due to the effects of drugs and cultism.

The Light Bearer had a chat with a repentant cultist who narrated how he got initiated into cultism, his experience and the way out for many young people who are into it or intending to go into cultism. His knowledge of the Bible is amazing, but all these were not learnt in the church. 

To avoid stigmatization, we have concealed the true identity of this young man who spoke to our reporter in the interview below. Enjoy.

How it Started

“I started having the urge for fame and wealth at the age of 13 when I went into Rap Music and drug addiction and I felt I can only make it with the help of satanic powers. I made several attempts to get the official Illuminati site on the internet but the sites I got were fake. I tried until I finally got the genuine site when I was 17 years. Satanic worship made me go to the seminary and many thought I had become a changed person without knowing that my going to the seminary was to acquire head knowledge and then interpret the Bible upside down”, he narrated.

He said cultism and Illuminati are both satanic worship, but he faulted the activities of cult groups in Gada Biu, Jenta Adamu and other communities of Plateau State and he referred to them as “kids-cultism” who are ignorant of what they are doing.

“Cultism is a satanic worship that has a common enemy; Christianity and Islam who claim they are worshipping the living God.  Cult members are not supposed to fight and kill themselves. Most of the cult group leaders in Gada Biu I trained them and gave them guns to defend themselves but not to kill anyone, but they did not listen and joined kids-cultism and one of them was recently arrested and is now a condemned criminal. All these boys carrying guns and robbing people in Gada Biu, I see them as childish because if I want to kill you I don’t need a gun I will just seize your soul in the spiritual world and render you useless. Nobody enticed or forced me to join cultism, I joined it out of my desire to belong and be famous”, he said.

 Satanic Worship and the Church

Satanic worship is into different categories; it is a movement with different branches but one purpose; there are Pastors who are occult members to obtain power so as to perform miracles in the church. There are church elders, gospel singers and many other people who are there for different reasons. They are just living double lives and they draw people’s attention to them. If I am given the opportunity to preach in the church, people will be surprised.

“Luciferian world” is a protest against God and making mockery of every godly value; many Christians are lured into satanic worship with juicy but deceitful promises and they end up regretting when they face the consequences of their actions. Cultism is a strong network with membership cutting across all the churches of all denominations; they occupy sensitive leadership positions in the church because the aim of the Luciferian world is to rule the world since they know they have no share in God’s Kingdom.

Satanic worship is ruling over many so-called Christians. Just as Christianity, satanic worship is all about BELIEVE; its initiation and operation is all about making some recitations that are contrary to Christian faith then you see yourself operating in the Luciferian world. You remember the gimmick of bathing with and taking salt water that made many people lose their lives; we initiated it, it is the celebration of the day of initiation into cultism. The Luciferian world posted it and many Christians including Pastors fell victim to it”, he maintained. 

Why Youth Involvement into Cultism

“Young people get involved into cultism out of desire for wealth and fame and drug addiction is a strong determinant to that. The drugs I was taking are very expensive and I had no option than to steal so as to buy them. But for the gangsters parading themselves as cultists in our communities they are ignorant of what they are doing, most of them joined cultism out of idleness and they rob people so as to meet up with their needs because they are lazy.  But real cultism expects members to be skilful, then the devil gives them wealth in exchange for their souls. It is not the same with what these lazy young boys and girls are doing in the “jungles”. That is why I had to learn electrical work and my shop was doing well in Port Harcourt until I refused to stamp the seal Lucifer gave me so as to exchange my soul with wealth. I was at the point of stamping the seal then God spoke to me, saying “what profit will I gain if at the end I cannot even stand before God to even talk of facing judgment”, he explained.

He stressed that satanic worship is a religion with different branches: the Illuminati, occult, witchcraft/ witchdoctors, hip- hop music and many others which are all aimed at rebelling against God Almighty. But he emphasized that the kind of cultism ravaging our communities (“Kids Cultism”) is just a gang of thieves who have refused to work for their livelihood and are using it to rob people of their belongings.

“These youths parading themselves as cultists don’t know what they are doing; they just joined a movement without knowing its rules and regulations; they don’t know that all the cult groups are supposed to be one but they end up killing themselves in rival cult groups. They are just hungry thieves that rob innocent people of their belongings which is contrary to the rules of occult worship. Some of the youths join cultism out of peer pressure and the desire to discover new things just as in my own case when I got myself initiated just for the fun of discovery”, he said. 

“Music is one thing that attracts young people and the devil brought hip-hop religion through African Bambatta in South Africa who later died and he was succeeded by Lawrence Krishna who calls himself the preacher and the alpha and omega. The devil uses music to entice young people into satanic worship by offering them money. That is why you see most talented gospel singers that sing in choir or church band are lured into hip-hop music and before they know it they are into satanic worship”, he explained.

Government’s Inability to Tame Occult Activities

Government cannot stop cultism because most people at the leadership positions of government are members. That is why even if cultists are arrested, after some few days you see them walking freely. I told you earlier that cultism is a satanic movement that cuts across all the facet of life be it politics, economy and religion with the sole aim of controlling the whole world, that is why they brought the issues of SIM card registration, common currency and the likes. Look at our 1000 naira note you will see a sign of a triangle, it is an Illuminati inscription. Nigeria faced strong opposition from the world powers because we refused to put this inscription on our currency until the 1000 naira note was made. I still repeat, “Government cannot stop cultism”.

The Way Out

The only way out is for genuine Christians to pray fervently. For us to stop cultism we must pray and listen to God before taking any action. We must be careful not to move by the thoughts of our minds; else, we may not get any result. God can decide to use anyone to deliver us from this battle; it is not a small battle, it is a spiritual battle between God and the kingdom of darkness that is why we need God to direct us a right.

I have a burden in my heart to preach Christ and I hate seeing people not serious in their Christian race, in fact, I feel like flogging people. By the grace of God I will stop at nothing than preaching to these young people that are into cultism, some of them are my boys and I believe they will listen to me.