December 2, 2022


“Let’s get the fact straight for easier understanding seeing that many of us no longer think and plenty are hard of hearing.

They said Abba Kyari was a Supercop.


What made him a Supercop which separated him from other cops?

Is it his super intelligence?

His brilliance?

Super strenght?

Super analytical skill?


Did he graduate from “Harvard School of Crime Bursting”?

Was he a product of the German elite force the Gestapo?

What exactly were his qualifications that made his protectors and horde of supporters brand him the Supercop?

One thing is obvious, at least for now. His first response to the FBI allegation on his Facebook page betrayed him as a very dull man. Very dull.

It is pointless to explain and keep explaining that Nigeria as a country elevates and celebrates idiots. She makes genius out of fools.

The only reason while a clown like Abba Kyari is celebrated in Nigeria is because lawlessness and braggadaciousness is her forte. In a state of lawlessness the most lawless becomes a hero.

That was how a certain Fulani migrant from Niger Republic shot himself to power in December 1983 in a coup that cost Brigadier Bako his life, suspended democracy, jailed politicians up to 125 years in prison. Killed the economy, education and sent many people on exile.

Three decades later, Nigerians went to dig him out of the dunghill of misery, excavated the mannequin from the graveyard of bitterness and hate and branded him a Superman for ruining lives and society in 1983.

This time they branded him Super Integrity for hating money and for not being able to buy a house as a military man. The criminals who saw virtue in this evil man even contributed money to buy his APC form while the moral conman sat back in his Katsina ranch, flanked by his unproductive cows, laughed them to scorn for their monumental idiocy.

Today, the mannequin has ruined every living and dead thing in Nigeria. The situation currently in Nigeria in every sector is beyond disaster.

The same scenario played out in the making of their Supercop.

Abba Kyari the Supercop has the power to kill and to make alive. He has the power to determine ones future or terminate it. No one can question his authority. Historians call it gunboat diplomacy during the White invasion of Africa but what we have here is jungle diplomacy. No trial for alleged criminals. No proper burial for alleged criminals. No proper closure for the families of alleged criminals, only the justice of the Supercop is acceptable. And normal people cheered this madness. Only a jungle presided by cavemen can accept this brand of justice.

He can move into a village with his murderous commando outfit, shoot everything that moves and move everything that refuses to move. That was the enormous power he wielded. Ask the thousands of people whose lives were wasted how many of them went through a normal judicial process to plead their cases. Yet Nigerians, a country populated by moral infidels and repulsive religious prostitutes celebrated this conman as a Supercop.

Hushpuppy was able to paint a graphic example of the true personality of the Supercop. He gave him money to put his friend in solitary confinement for ease of of operation in his fraudulent profession. I wonder how many people gave him money to silence opponents and brand them armed robbers or IPOB irritants.

The North have unwittingly brainwashed many of you. They are propping up this murderer for the position of future IGP. He fits the description of that persona that could carry on with their murderous dirty jobs and silence outsiders while the Southern mumulectuals keep writing unconscionable bollocks for their bellies. That’s why the North and the enablers of evil in the South have been very quiet since Hushpuppy and the FBI bursted their man.

I have an idea of what a Supercop ought not to be. They are so busy that they don’t have time for photo ops before operation. They are so busy that they don’t have time to attend every Owambe party and eat cows flanked by celebrities at Oba. They devote their time to bursting crimes not posing for pictures with his funders.

Abba Kyari is a Super crook and a Super murderer and definitely not a Supercop.

The only way he can prove his innocence is to board the free aircraft to the United States. Allen Onyema did it why not he?

May God himself avenge the blood of all the people these criminals murdered innocently and may those supporting him become victims of their crime.”