December 10, 2022

Doctors complete skin grafting for poor accident victim at risk of amputation

Benjamin Joshua before his first surgery in August 2020

Central Nigeria: Doctors have successfully grafted eroded skin for Mr. Benjamin Joshua, 32, a poor accident victim previously at risk of amputation for lack of funds.

The hours long surgery last Thursday was done at Bimma orthopedic hospital, Jos, Plateau State where Benjamin has been treated since July, 2020.

Benjamin’s leg fully grafted

The hospital had commenced treatment for the patient with less than 50% of the N300,000 initial surgery charge paid, agreeing to cover some of the expenses.

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The partnership followed news reports published by MK Reporters, seeking help for the poor father of three.

A low income mason, Benjamin had multiple fractures in the leg from a deadly autocrash in 2017 and was first treated in a missionary hospital with metal implants fixed in the affected bone.

Benjamin was on the verge of amputation when Bimma admitted him following public appeals

The wounds however degenerated, as the implants began to rust, infecting Benjamin’s bones.

Due to lack of funds, Benjamin managed the infections locally while the wounds expanded and deepened, with constant strong smelling white discharge.

Joshua’s skin was deeply eaten by the 3year-old infection

Doctors said he could lose the leg if surgery was not conducted to remove the implant and swiftly control the fast spreading infection.

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The first surgery was conducted in early August to remove the orthopedic implant in Benjamin’s leg. After successfully controlling the infection, Doctors carried out the skin grafting, raiding hope for a normal life for the patient.

Doctors carefully but happily removed implant from Joshua’s leg despite being partly charity

The hospital has however incurred extra expenses in drugs, laboratory examinations and hired expertise needing financing.

Post-surgery expenses might equally be a challenge without adequate funding, when Benjamin is eventually discharged.

Bimma Hospital is reputed for quality treatment of orthopedic cases at low cost