December 10, 2022

Don’t Abandon Predecessor’s Projects, Fmr LG Boss to Leaders

Political office holders across various parties have been call upon to complete ongoing projects by their predecessors as long as those projects are for the good and benefit of the citizens.

A former local government Chairman in Plateau State, Mr. Panshak Yohanna said abandoning an ongoing project by previous administration for whatever reasons is tantamount to waste of public resources.

He said “accumulating unfinished projects means wasting resources which could have been channeled to one finished project that could be put to use for the benefit of the citizenry”.

The one time award winning best performing Chairman in the entire North Central region in 2017 opined that most current adminstrations always feel that if new projects are not initiated, it can be interpreted by the citizens as lacking initiatives, but to him that is wrong.

“Most projects are abandoned due to this single error, hence I advised that current administrations should look into inherited projects regardless of which party was in power before embarking on new projects.

“These funds belongs to the  local, state or federal governments and the projects were aimed at meeting the yearnings of the citizenry, therefore I advise that every abandoned or ongoing project inherited should be evaluated and if the purpose has a general benefit to the citizen, let it be completed provided there is enough resources” he said.

He also advised that if political leaders desire to initiate new projects, they should ensure is one that will be completed and put to use before leaving office and the projects must not be selective.

Mr. Panshak Yohanna was the Chairman, Management Committee of Kanke Local government Council from 2015 to 2017 alongside a secretary and 5 other members that served as supervisory councilors.