December 6, 2022

Environment Day: Expert calls for reactivation of Environmental Enforcement Agencies

As the world marks The World Environment Day, an environmental expert has called on government to reactivate all environmental agencies responsible for enforcing environmental laws to protect all inhabitants on the planet.

While speaking with the Lightbearer to commemorate the day, the Project Officer, in the Department of Environmental and Economy Sustainability of Tearfund, Mr. Promise Salawu said the day is significant to all mankind because the environment is where everyone lives.

He said “government needs to provide leadership for the people to follow, they must show that they are responsible and interested in saving the environment for all.

One of the ways to show that is to establish a strong and firm waste management framework such that everybody within the state can see and know that this is how waste is managed”.

Mr. Salawu said that can only be achieved when all important actors like civil society organizations, waste managers and operators come together and form a framework that works.

He said government needs to implement such framework through the existing waste management agencies and empower them to carry out their functions by enforcing the already existing environmental regulations.

The environmentalist also called for change of attitude among people who are used to indiscriminate disposal of waste, cutting of trees without planting one, bush burning and burning of tyres and plastics to take a deliberate decision and make the environment safe for all inhabitants.

In a related development, members of the “Renew Our World Campaign in Nigeria” under Tearfund commemorated the world environment day with tree planting in TCNN Bukuru and some parts of Plateau state.

The team was on a mission to bring about the needed change in the society by engaging critical stakeholders like religious leaders to create awareness among their members in ensuring healthy environment through tree planting among other activities that will ensure a safe environment.

World Environment Day is celebrated every 5th of June since 1974 has as its theme for this year “biodiversity” and the 2020 celebration is hosted by Colombia.