December 9, 2022

Flood: Farms Destroyed in Plateau Communities

Torrential rainfall has left many farmers in Plateau state in an shock as their farms were swept off by flood.

The heavy downpour which occurred in the early hours of Monday according to residents, swept farmlands and roads in Shendam and parts of Quan’pan local government areas of Plateau State.

A resident of the area, Mr. Bernard Sule who spoke to our reporter, said many communities in the locality were affected by the havoc caused by the torrential rain.

“During the last rainfall, several farmers lost their entire farmlands as the flood swept away all the crops on their farms. They woke up and just discovered that their farms were all swept away, especially Banana plantations” he said.

Mr. Bernard said the most affected communities in the locality are Angwan Rina, Kalum, Shimankar and Angwan Dadi because they are closest to the riverbank.

He said though is a recurring situation in the area as they had experienced it in some previous years, but this year alone it happened in June and now it has happen again in July.

He added that the Chairman of Shendam Local Government Area, Mr. Alex Nantuam had visited the areas and ascertained the damaged done on the communities but they are yet to receive any intervention.

Another resident from Yelwa-Nshar, Mrs. Celina Manzo, said the downpour also swept away Yam and Rice farms of many residents in Kwapjur village and also part of the road linking Yelwa and Shendam town.

The residents all appealed for assistance from relevant individuals and organizations to especially those that are now without any farms to curb the hardship that await the victims.