January 27, 2023

Former COCIN President, Bewarang Bags Professorial Award

Former President of the Church of Christ in Nations, COCIN, Rev. Dr. Soja Bewarang has been promoted to the rank of a Professor by the Board of COCIN Theological Institutions.

The newly promoted Professor bagged the award after writing 12 mostly Christian books aside journals and lectures both within and outside Nigeria.

COCIN President, Rev. Prof. Dachollom Datiri presenting Rev. Prof. Soja Bewarang the promotion letter

At a ceremonial presentation of the promotion letter, Rev. Professor Umar Danfulani of the University of Jos said, Rev. Dr. Soja Bewarang was promoted after his academic works were scrutinised by three Professors and met the requirements for the promotion.

He added that two out of the three renown Professors are from the secular University while one is from the Theology.

The COCIN President, Rev. Prof. Dachollom Datiri who also attained the level of professorship recently, congratulated the new Professor for the well deserved promotion saying, it was long overdue.

He read from Hosea 4:6 and said God cherish knowledge and encouraged the gathering to also do same.

Some books written by Prof. Soja Bewarang

“Let me announce that as a Church, COCIN is passionate that our Pastors and members acquire knowledge, because knowledge is God’s will for us.

“So the door is widely open and you must not allow anything to hinder you. If you have a Diploma, go for Degree, if you have a Degree, go for Masters, if you have a Masters, go for PhD and if you have PhD, please go for Professorship” he emphasized.

Responding, Rev. Professor Soja Bewarang who was elated by his new fit, said though he tried to run away from it but his little contributions to the academic circle persuaded the academicians to insist on the promotion.

He appreciated God and all that contributed for his academic and many successes in life, saying the promotion will spur him to do more as he is ready to go to the class if the opportunity comes.

Former Secretary to the Plateau State Government, Nde John Gobak who spoke on behalf of the Ngas nation appreciated God and the board of COCIN Theological Institutions for finding one of their sons worthy of the award and pray God to help the newly promoted Professor.