February 4, 2023

Four years after mass murders, Plateau villagers yet to get pledged federal assistance

A woman widowed by armed attacks weeps near Jos

JOS NIGERIA – 01 MARCH 2022: Youths in Nigeria’s Plateau State have appealed for the release of a federal assistance pledged after the massacre of more than 200 locals.

“You assured community leaders that the N10 Billion approved by the Federal Government for welfare and rehabilitation of the affected families and survivors would be released through the State Government in order to bring relief and succor to the people,” wrote a local tribal group – Berom Youth Molders Association in a recent petition to Vice President of Nigeria, Yemi Osibanjo.

“In addition, Your Excellency, the stationing of a permanent Mobile Police Squadron as well as the increase deployment of security agents to the general area were some of the security measures you directed,” wrote the group, lamenting the failure of government to redeem the pledge.

The petition jointly signed by the BYM President – Dalyop Solomon Mwantiri and Secretary – Bature Iliya Adazaram on 12 Feb expressed worry that the survivors of the massacres would be completely forgotten as government redirects attention to the forthcoming general elections.

“Without your urgent intervention for the release of the funds and implementation of other security measures at such a time the country’s political temperature is warming-up towards general elections, come 2023, both survivors and the displaced persons from the 2018 attacks and more would be completely forgotten and their plights continue to diminish for the worse,” the petition reads.

The group reminded the Vice President that the attacks on 23-24 June 2018 claimed more than 200 lives and displaced more than 17,000 people.