January 28, 2023

Gombe: Tangale Community wants Gov. Inuwa to Investigate Recent Attacks on its People

Tangale Community Overseas (TCO), a socio-cultural group has appealed to Gombe state Governor, Inuwa Yahaya to set up a committee to investigate what the group describes as unprovoked attacks on their communities in recent weeks.

While noting that the Tangale people have no history of carrying out attacks on any community, they called on the state government to stop claiming that it was a reprisal attack.

General Secretary of the group, Lamela Umaru Lakorok, made the appeal when the group visited the two affected communities, of Amtawalam and Pobawure, to commiserate with them and to as well donate the sum of one million naira (N1 million) from the group to the victims.

The General Secretary said the TCO was disturbed by the attacks and felt they should send their assistance to the victims. He said whatever affects people at home also affects them overseas.

He commended the proposal by the state government to establish a mobile police base in the attacked area, but cautioned that the proposal should not be replaced with the establishment of a police outpost, which will not have the capacity to check attacks by marauders.

Mr. Lakorok also called on the Tangale community to develop a strong security network and vigilante system that will check and defend the land against the growing unprovoked attacks on the Tangale land.

The group General Secretary applauded the District Head of Kalmai, Mr. Amadu Zubairu, for his fatherly role, as well as visiting the areas in the wake of the attacks and described him as the type of leader needed in Tangale land.

“We were unsettled when we heard about the attacks, and so we came to support you with a token of one million naira, which will be distributed directly to victims.

“We commiserate with you and the whole Tangale community, and pray that God will forestall any further attack on the Tangale land and its people.

“The TCO calls on the government to expedite action in setting up the proposed Mobile Police Base, hoping that the proposal will not be replaced with a small unit police outpost.

“The TCO also calls on Governor Inuwa Yahaya to redeem the promise of one million naira (N1 million) to the victims,which he made when he visited the attacked communities. We remind him that these are victims of unprovoked attacks, and should not delay in redeeming the pledge.

Speaking during the visits, Acting President of the Tangale Community Development Association (TCDA), Mr Pinas Tidgo Gambo, who expressed dismay over the attacks, called on Tangale sons and daughters to always support one another in times of difficulty.

While praising the TCO for showing practical love and identifying with victims, Mr. Gambo called on other well to do Tangale sons and daughters to come to the aid of the Amtawalam and Pobawure.

“Our children living overseas have demonstrated to us that their hearts are at home. This action of theirs is what we call practical love – only a person who has you at heart can do this. We call on other well to do Tangale sons and daughters to emulate what the TCO did and come to support the people of Amwatalwam and Pobawure.

“The Tangale people are peace-loving and have a record of living cordially with our neighbors.

“We don’t have a record of carrying out attacks on anyone, so those who describe this action as reprisal, should also be quick to name the community we have attacked, or burnt their property.

In a remark, Mr Iliyasu Ali, who represented the District Head of Kalmai, expressed appreciation saying the gesture will go a long way in aiding victims of the attack.

Some of the beneficiaries who spoke, thanked the TCO for supporting them and prayed that God will continue to bless all Tangale sons and daughters in diaspora.