December 10, 2022

Gunmen kill community leader in Plateau

Late Mr. Dadel, killed by Gunmen on Sunday

Gunmen believed to be herdsmen on Sunday killed an elderly man, Mr. Yakubu Dadel, father to a former Chairman of Bokkos Local Government Area in Plateau State, Maj. Ayuba Dadel (rtd).

Late Mr. Dadel, the Madaki (Local Chief) of Jwanshak community in Tangur ward of Bokkos area was killed at about 8:30pm, by “people speaking Hausa in Fulani intonation,” an eyewitness said.

The gunmen stormed the village shooting sporadically, shortly after an elderly woman was buried in the village, son to the deceased, Maj. Ayuba Dadel said.

“The village was still busy with many sympathisers still present. The gunmen came shooting sporadically and everyone scampered for safety.

“My father was in his house and only ran out to lock his gate. When they sighted him, they chased after him with serious gunfire. They first injured him on the hand and when he ran to his bedroom, they followed him, dragged him to the ground from his bed and shot him point blank,” Ayuba recalled.

One other person was injured in the attack which came hours to the inaugural meeting of a new interreligious dialogue committee in Jos.

Mr. Dadel was likely the primary target of the attackers. After killing him, one of the assailants told others outside that they had completed the job and should evacuate, said an eyewitness.

But the 70year-old was a peaceful man, said his son, Ayuba. “He largely reconciled families and communities in conflict. He never had problems with anyone,” said Ayuba who described the murder as “very painful.”

A youth activist in the area, Mr. Diyong Mangut also described the deceased as “bridge builder.” Another youth activist, Pharmacist James Matawal said Late Mr. Dadel “lived a life of humility, peace and love both in private life and Community involvement.”

The community leader is the second within his ranks to be murdered in similar manner in the area within two years.

In 2019, gunmen believed to be hired assassins killed the then National Vice President, Academic Staff Union of Secondary Schools (ASUSS), Mr. Adams Zakka Malau.

Mr. Malau, a local community Chief was shot dead in his residence in Ngoksar village near Tangur at about 7:30pm local time.

Just as Mr. Dadel’s case, the gunmen came shooting sporadically. “As everyone scampered for safety, they went straight to the Chief’s house and shot him,” an anonymous nephew to the 62 year-old said.

Minutes after Mr. Malau, then the Principal of Government Secondary School, Mbar, Bokkos LGA was killed, a 22 year old man was killed in Tangur, the location of last Sunday’s murder.

“No one is safe, whether on the road or at home, and this is disturbing. If the Government will not act, is it when all the people that make up the electorate are gone that they will? Who will they even govern if the masses are gone?” cried Late Mr. Dadel’s son, Maj. Ayuba.

The Governor of Niger State, Mr. Sani Bello, on Monday said the growing insecurity in Nigeria could make even Abuja, Nigeria’s capital city unsafe if not checked.

Bello was reacting to the hoisting of a Boko Haram flag in a Niger village last weekend.