February 4, 2023

Herdsmen attack kinsmen, securities in Plateau

Report by Masara Kim.

Gunmen suspected to be herdsmen on Sunday killed two soldiers and injured one in Gindi Akwati village of Barkin Ladi Local Government Area, Plateau State, the Lightbearer learnt.
The soldiers of the Special Task Force, Operation Safe Haven, Jos were said to have been ambushed during a patrol in the village.
Natives of the community who are gradually returning after being displaced by the herders in June 2018 had reported an upsurge in criminal activities including violent attacks by the herders.
The troops may have been drafted to curb the situation, observers say.
The attack has roused fears of insecurity in the locality.
No less than six attacks have occurred in the host Gashish District since the official close down of Displaced Persons camps in December 2019.
The attacks which recently spread to Bokkos LGA with the killing of 27 in Kwatas village are said to have also hit a Police Station.
On Saturday night, a group of herdsmen razed the only Police Station in Monguna District, locals say.
The attack which has been confirmed by Plateau Police spokesman, Gabriel Ogaba is believed to be a retaliation against a release of a fulani suspected have stolen a goat.
The attack followed a local leader of the Fulani Miyetti Allah Cattle Breeders Association’s bailing of another herder detained for allegedly stealing a goat belonging to his kinsman.
Similar attacks occurred last year September where four police officers were killed in the area by suspected herdsmen.
Investigations have long commenced into all the attacks.
Meanwhile, two Fulani herdsmen in Mangar village of Bokkos Local Government Area were Thursday killed by a kinsman, Lightbearer has learnt.
Clashes broke out between herders in two different hamlets over yet to be confirmed reasons leading to the death of one Mr. Hassan Umar and a female guest in his house.
The prime suspect has been identified by local sources as Mr. Samuila Saidu from Garau village of Mbar Community.
The Police Public Relations Officer, Gabriel Ogaba however told Lightbearer that the report was false.
Locals however fear that the attack might reoccur on renewed or reprised basis between the rival herder communities.