January 27, 2023

High unemployment driving youths into crimes – Plateau Governor

Mr. Simon Lalong addresses a March pass to mark Nigeria's independence on Friday

The Governor of Plateau State, Mr. Simon Lalong on Friday said rising unemployment was partly pushing youths into crimes in the State.

“My administration has continued to provide training and entrepreneurship development using the PLASMIDA where thousands of youths have been empowered,” said the Governor at an even to mark Nigeria’s independence, but “Government is fully aware of the high rate of unemployment that further pushes our youths to idleness and tendency to commit crimes,” he said.

Many youths were losing hope in the country, said Lalong, due to “unemployment; lack of opportunities; violence and insecurity”, he said, while struggling to inspire hope for a better Nigeria.

“I charge you not to despair because these challenges will not last forever. No condition is permanent and even the problems of today will be history tomorrow,” he said.

“We are also working hard to ensure that our citizens get access to other empowerment assistance from the Federal Government and other donor agencies. This in addition to our efforts in ease of doing business is encouraging more investment, productivity and less dependence on Government jobs,” added Mr. Lalong.