February 4, 2023

How Plateau can create one million jobs annually – Tech expert

A popular roundabout at the center of Jos the capital of Plateau State

JOS PLATEAU STATE – May 05, 2022: Nigerian technology expert – Mr. Simput Dafup says the country’s central State of Plateau has shown the potential to create as high as one million jobs annually.

The State according to Dafup, an international information communication technology consultant says the State’s agricultural and tourism resources could crash the country’s current 33% unemployment rate within months if well harnessed.

Nigeria’s unemployment rate was projected to hit 33% in 2022, from 32.5% in 2021 according to Statistica.

“I did a research and found that with $1.8m we can build a 500ton sugar plant for the State where we have a lot of sugarcane plantations that can easily provide the raw materials,” said Dafup in a zoom meeting with bloggers in Plateau State on 4 May.

“Do you know how many jobs we can create with that? How much revenue and how much respect we can earn with that?” said Dafup who is aspiring to be Governor of Plateau State in 2023.

He also opined that the State the State’s spectacular rock formations, waterfalls and related features if transformed into entertainment centers could boost the State’s current image as the largest producer of creative talents in Nigeria.

“If we can take this seriously, Plateau will be a template for the whole of Nigeria and if transformation takes place in Nigeria, it will have an effect on the whole of Africa because of its population,” he said.