December 2, 2022

Immorality: Bauchi Bans opposite Sex Students from Studying Together

The Bauchi State government has banned male and female students in five towns from studying in the same classroom or engaging in any extra curricular activities together.

The ban which is with immediate effect is aimed at curbing the increasing rate of sexual immorality among secondary school students in the state especially within those towns.

The State Commissioner of Education, Dr. Aliyu Tilde who confirmed the government’s decision to BBC Hausa service said the first phase of the decision would take place in all secondary schools in Bauchi, Misau, Ningi, Jama’are, Azare areas while others Will join soon.

” We took this decision to promote morals among children in secondary schools especially those at their puberty age who have begun to experiment sex and other activities in the school. Some of the actions of these children are against our religion and culture, hence the need for the decision.

“We have been having issues of sexual immorality in Bauchi State especially in the last 10 years. At one point, children of minor age in same class were marrying themselves and it was even reported in the media.

some of the male students protesting

“If we allow this to continue, it will erode the gains we made in education in the last 60 years. It will also result in parents withdrawing their female children from school and locking them up at home, and you know the implications of such decision.

“Undoubtedly, God made them male and female, and expectedly, they should be attracted to each other, but that will be only for the purposes of marriage and nothing else.

“So, leaving these male and female students to study together under one classrooms or engage in extra curricular activities together will not be good for us in the State, hence the decision to separate them so they can concentrate and keep themselves away from sexual immorality.” Dr. Tilde said.

Reacting to the development, male students from some of the affected schools took to the streets in protest against the action of the government.