December 2, 2022

In Plateau State, a man is stabbed to death by cattle herders who grazed on his crop farm

Police visit scene of attack in Kwi village in Riyom in May 2021

A man returning from his farm near Nigeria’s Jos, the capital of Plateau State was on 25 September stabbed to death by cattle herders waging an ethnic war, a tribal association has said.

Mr. Alpha Pam, 23 was reportedly attacked by a gang of four cattle herders in Bangai village, located in the west of Riyom Local Government at minutes past 2 O’clock after he chased out a large herd of cattle grazing in his rice farm.

The attack blamed on members of the Fulani tribe followed days after a 60year-old woman – Mrs. Laraba Dauda was reportedly beaten to death in a nearby town of Mere by Fulani herders grazing in her backyard.

It comes on the heals of mass crop devastations by Fulani militants carrying out an ethnic cleansing of native Christian communities, Solomon Dalyop, the President of Berom Youth Molders Association, a tribal union wrote in a press statement.

“This is an all encompassing strategy of wiping the entire Berom tribe from our ancestral land and the face of the earth,” he said. “Over 600 farmlands in [the towns of] Heipang, Gashish, Ropp, Wereng, Kwi, Jol, Bachi, Rahoss, Foron, Gyel, Vwang, Kuru with crops worth over N200,000,000 (Two Hundred Million Naira) have been destroyed since April this year.

“The farms had maize, Irish Potatoes, Fonio, Rice, Yam, Tomatoes, Cabbage and Soya-Beans among others,” he added.

On 25 September, late Mr. Pam noticed large herds of cattle were grazing on his rice farm, 1000meters from Bangai, a small village in the Bachit District of Riyom Local Government, Dalyop wrote. But after he raced to the scene and chased out the unattended herd, he was attacked on his way home, wrote Dalyop.

According to him, “The deceased alongside his father and others spotted cows grazing on their Rice farm. They went and peacefully drove out the cows belonging to an identified Fulani leader. On their return to the village, while his fellows were meters ahead of him, some Fulani who were hiding in a nearby corn farm attacked him with with knives.”

Police and Army authorities have not replied queries sent on the incident.

But many attacks in recent months have not been followed with successful prosecution. Mr. Dalyop has accused the Nigerian authorities of complicity.

“”Wouldn’t we be right to assert that failure on the part of Government to ensure justice in the obvious plight of Berom ethnic nationality is an encouragement to the militias to continue perpetrating their orchestras?” He wrote.

Doesn’t a Berom man deserve Government protection, just like any other Nigerian? Why has there continued to be utter silence and neglect by Government at all levels concerning the continued unprovoked killings, land grab, alarming destruction of farm crops, threats and intimidation of lives, human right abuses including sexual harassment and rape, armed robbery, theft and kidnapping amongst many?” He concluded.