February 4, 2023

Insecurity: You have failed Citizens, ECWA To Nigeria Government 

The Evangelical Church Winning All (ECWA) has scored the Nigeria Government low in her constitutional responsibility of safeguarding lives and properties of the citizenry.

At the 67th General Church Council meeting of the Church which ended Friday at ECWA Goodnews Church, Tudun Wada Jos, in Plateau State, the council expressed dismay over the unabated attacks on unprotected communities by armed herdsmen and bandits in the country.

In a communiqué issued at the end of the GCC meeting signed by the Church President, Rev. Stephen Panya Baba and Secretary, Rev. Yunusa Sabo Nmadu, the council urged the government to respect the sanctity of human life and end the wanton bloodletting in the land.

They condemned in strong terms what they described as mindless killings of the indigenous Christians in southern Kaduna by herdsmen where over 120 persons including infants and women were killed in the last two weeks alone with scores injured and thousands displaced without any intervention from the Kaduna State and Federal Governments.

“The manifest nonchalance of both the Kaduna State and Federal Governments to the plight of our compatriots is suggestive of their loss of the innate humane sense of value for life and their seeming abdication of their primary responsibility of securing the lives and property of their citizens.

“The Council is also alarmed at the general state of insecurity in Nigeria wherein citizens can no longer sleep peacefully in their homes or travel on the highways for genuine businesses without the fear of being attacked, kidnapped for ransom or even killed as in many instances.

Furthermore, The Council frowns at a recent statement credited to a Presidential spokesman explaining the genocidal massacres as reprisal killings. They view such change of narratives of the attacks bending it towards blaming the victims as callous and stressed that no responsible government would want to be perceived as holding brief for terrorists, unless it is complicit.

“The Council therefore cautioned that Government’s failure to protect the citizenry and serve justice, will only spur the people to pursue self-defense, which may inevitably lead to anarchy.

“The Council expressed displeasure at the deplorable conditions of the Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) in camps across the country and appeals to the Federal and State Governments to improve their welfare and ensure adequate security to enable them return to their ancestral homes.

The ECWA leaders also observed with dismay the huge resources being committed to the supposed de-radicalization and rehabilitation of the “repentant Boko Haram fighters” by the military, while millions of their victims are still languishing in deplorable IDP camps, and considers this as a complete misplacement of priority” the communiqué read.

They took note of the subtle militarization of the polity with the setting up of all sorts of military operations perceived by many Nigerians as targeted at silencing legitimate venting of grievances, with the attendant breach of the fundamental rights of the citizenry due to the high-handedness of some military personnel.

Nevertheless, they urged the security agencies to improve in their response to distress calls, increase intelligence gathering and take proactive steps to end insecurity in the country.

Apart from Insecurity, the Church also noted with concern the continued decay of the nation’s infrastructure, particularly the roads and medical facilities and calls for urgent repairs, maintenance and upgrading of these facilities by the Government.