December 10, 2022


The author is not known who said, “Make yourself a priority once in a while. It’s not selfish. It’s necessary.” In other words, making one’s self a priority at intervals is selfless necessity. Doing so is just but a strategic way of injecting passion into a man’s business of life.

Focusing on or prioritising one’s self is a purposeful booster to self worth or self esteem. It is a self-valuation instinct which inspire passion, the propeller of human progress!
Jeremiah David in his classic book, “Life Wide Open” wrote that “Without Purpose fuelled by passion, nothing in life matters.” A man who has no value for his life will have no passion to work and make great things happened to his cheering credit.

I have read books like “In Pursuit of Purpose” by Myles Munroe, “Purpose Driven life”, by Rick Warren, “Great by Choice” by Jim Collins and Morten T. Hansen, etc. and noticed that all of them points to one thing: Giving every man’s life a personal meaning has great potential to inspire productivity and eliminate self imposed worthlessness!

What becomes of every man in this life will largely dependent on the value he places on himself. It takes you to be great. The needed support or expectations a man places on others might never even come to fruition. Even if it comes, it a bonus; the onus to be great lies entirely with he that dreamt it.

In real life, there is no outsourcing of responsibility to make a difference. Responsibility is a task that only the person assigned could account for and nobody else. That is why heroes cannot be made proxy but emerged from exceptional discharge of responsibility each takes under certain circumstances. The fibre in them is not of mediocrity or shallow thinkers.

One cannot mirror a mediocre in himself and expect to make a great personality because the passion to achieve that will simply not be in him. When you look at yourself, who do you see, what value do you place on it?

Nobody cares about a man more than himself. If any man wants to succeed, he should learn to expect less from others and more from himself, that’s the mindset that makes success a deal.

Make yourself a priority in virtues and other people partakers of your blessings. The best legacies, traces of one’s manifest actions, are those that benefit humanity even when the owners are earthly forgotten.

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