December 9, 2022

“My little girls sometimes want to look sexy like the Stars on TV,” Nigerian female Activist laments

Rachael Birma, CEO, Africare Initiative

Rachael Birma, a Nigerian female Activist in Jos, Plateau State, says ladies dressing seductively invite rape.

Mothers who dress or allow their female children to dress “sexy” also invite “vipers”, said Rachael, a peace and conflict resolution advocate.

“There is nothing wrong in feeling sexy, but in my opinion, there is a right dress for every occasion.

“Don’t wear the dress for party to church or a dress for church to the swimming pool or dress for swimming pool to the market, or dress for market to office or office to sport,” Rachael wrote on her Facebook page.

Some mothers, the Chief Executive Officer of Africare Initiative, a Nigerian Peace and Conflict resolution foundation said indirectly encourage indecency by not giving their children attention.

In her words, “I have also noticed on few occasions that my girls at home want to look and feel attractive with short clothes like Nickelodeon girls do. So I take time to watch them, and call their attention to the dangers of such dressings in our society and the difference between us and the West, especially at this young age. 

“I try my best to inculcate my African values in my children so they don’t grow up and see indecency as a way of life. But should they eventually fall to peer pressure, it will not be because I failed to discharge my responsibility as a mother.”

The former broadcaster however advised parents to also teach their male children to have self-control and respect girls “no matter how indecent”.