December 2, 2022

Niger State :Banditry Jeopardizes Students’ Graduation.

The continued attacks on schools and abductions of students in Niger State have left students especially those in exiting classes uncertain about their graduation

They have no hope of writing their senior and junior secondary school examinations this year due to prolonged closure of schools in some of the flashpoint areas.

A Principal in one of the Secondary School in Warari, Rijau LGA said the insecurity in their community have really affected the schools and put them in a fixed.

“We were supposed to resume on the 23/05/2021 after the closure on 27/04/2021, due to the bandits attacks but they have continued with the attacks which forced us to change the date to 07 & 14/06/2021 for the exiting classes, that is the SS3 and JSS3 as well as the remaining classes respectively.

“The bandits came back again on the 26 and 27/05/2021, carting away herds of cattle, breaking into shops and houses, to make away with valuables in our community.

“As it is, we are looking for possibility of moving the exiting classes like the SS3 and JSS3 to another place, which we know is going to be capital intensive because of the upkeep of both the students and the staff” the principal added.

The Principal appeals to the federal and state government to do more to secure the community against Bandits. He also solicited for support to enable them move the students to write their examinations without joepartizing their future.