December 9, 2022

Nigeria @60: Group Presents Green Paper to Reboot Nigeria

Some concerned Nigerians in a bid to help bring the country out of crisis to a path of progress and development have come up with a “Green Paper” aimed at rebooting Nigeria.

The presentation of the “Green Paper” which took place at the Crest Hotel in Jos, Plateau state was to commemorate the Nigeria 60th Independence Day.

Speaking at the presentation, Prof. Yusuf Turaki identified “Ethnocentrism, lack of National Vision of Society and Nation, lack of National Ethical Nature, Endemic State of Corruption and lack of transformational political leaders and leadership”, as five key obstacles to the nation’s development.

He said the country got her Independence without a vision and ideology of nation building by our leaders, which according to him are reasons why the country is at the verge of collapse.

He said Nigeria must go back to the drawing board and sit at a round table with all its over 400 ethnic nationalities and have a rethink to reboot the nation.

Also speaking at the event, Tearfund Country Director, Mr. Paul Mershak said several opportunities have presented themselves for the nation to recast it systems, structures and culture with a view to enabling it become a sustainable nation, but such opportunities have always been lost.

“Rebooting is not going back to what we had before as a nation but a process, which enables the nation to transit to a free, just and compassionate nation ” he said.

Participants at the event

The paper presented is titled, “The Nigeria Green Papers” and has 13 chapters with 214 pages where it X-rays challenges and proffers solutions to move the nation forward.

Prominent among contributors for the book are Prof. Yusuf Turaki, Prof. Ishmael Ogboru, Rev. Dr. Dachollom Datiri, Dr. Obadiah Mailafia, Patrick Okorodudu, Dr. Mrs. Ekaete Ettang, Samuel Danauta Kyarshik, Hauwa Shekarau and a host of others.

Apart from the printed copies, an e-copy is said to have been developed to be downloaded free from the Nigeria Reboot Facebook Page.

The Tearfund Country Director added that in the next few weeks, the project using Plateau as a pilot state will produce the Plateau state paper on transition to Green Economy, covering seven areas, which are Environment, Water Resources and Energy, Agriculture, Economic planning, Youth Development, Urban Development, Transport and Tourism.

The concerned group is made up of Tearfund Nigeria, Yusuf Turaki Foundation, Nigeria Fellowship of Evangelicals (NEF), Christian Rural and Urban Development Association of Nigeria (CRUDAN) and Jos Green Centre.