December 10, 2022

Nigeria Reboot:Tearfund, partners, seek to move Nigeria from Crisis

An International Nongovernmental Organization, Tearfund and other partners through a project tagged, ‘Nigeria Reboot, crisistokairos’ aim at addressing some critical areas in order to restore Nigeria ‘s lost glory.

The project is geared towards creating opportunities for the Church in Nigeria to contribute to rebooting the nation.

Kairos is an ancient Greek term which means “right time or opportune moment” thus, Crisistokairos means taking the nation out of crisis to the right time or opportune moment.

In a video research documentary, Tearfund and other partners revealed that between 2010 to 2015, Nigeria lost about 6,500 citizens while 62,000 were displaced in about 850 perennial attacks and counter attacks by farming and herders communities across 34 out of the 36 states of the country.

According to the record, the attacks and counter attacks left about 40,000 orphaned, hungry and abandoned, 200,000 Secondary School Students and 100,000 Primary School Students out of School, with entire Schools in some local government areas shutdown for some years.

Tearfund and partners said they have discovered that the huge number of displaced persons have become poor, weak and vulnerable over time. They noted that though in some instance, state authorities had promised to resettle the victims to their ancestral homes but end up leaving them at the margins in misery.

“We believe that the Nigerian Church can facilitate a transition for our nation to move from Crisis to Kairos (a moment of opportunity).

We believe that Tearfund Nigeria, Partners, Yusuf Turaki Foundation, Nigeria Fellowship of
Evangelicals(NEF), Christian Rural and Urban Development Association of Nigeria(CRUDAN)
and Jos Green Centre can operationalize its huge spiritual and human infrastructure through being
a prophetic voice that delivers a ‘Green Paper’ to the Nigerian nation on 1st October

This ‘Green Paper’ will seek to
urgently contribute to building the foundations of the nation’s economic and social system with a
view to having a fairer, sustainable and resilient future.

The ‘Green paper’ will support Nigeria to build differently with a view to delivering a new social contract centred on human dignity
where social justice reigns, being reflected in reduced inequality, poverty etc, reduced social crisis, decent
jobs, greener economy”.
The project, Tearfund believes can do justice in rebooting the nation such that citizens can live in their ancestral homes and flourish as God intends.