January 28, 2023

Nigerian herdsmen kill two near Jos

Mr. Sunday James, 68, weeps over murder of son, David, 17

Central Nigeria: Armed men believed to be herders on Thursday killed a 17year-old student of Elisto Private School in Barkin Ladi, Plateau State, Mr. David James.

David was shot multiple times at about 7:30pm in his backyard, in Dorowa Babuja village, 20miles Southeast of Yakubu Gowon Airport, Jos.

A woman reported sighting man in black hoodie with a rifle, hiding behind her house, 20mins before the shooting.

David had yet to get the information. He was purging and needed to ease himself, but there is no toilet in their house. He was shot while pulling his trousers, it was learnt.

He died in a local hospital in Barkin Ladi, obviously from excessive bleeding. His poor family could not afford enough blood pints to keep him alive throughout surgery.

Family members weep over murder of David

“This is more than a loss,” cried his aged father – Mr. James Solomon, 68. David was his third child, but his only support. He mined to provide food in the family. His death, Mr. Solomon said has “torn me apart,” as he wept bitterly in public.

Last month, two Muslim locals were “mistakenly” killed in the same village by suspected herdsmen, sources say. “They meant to native farmers,” a local Vigilante said.

The same assailants may have returned to complete their mission, but the sighting of the assailant the night before David’s murder may have posed a threat. “They likely had to strike quickly and flee believing the other woman that saw them would have already raised alarm,” the Vigilante added.

David buried amid tears

Dorowa village was attacked and displaced threw years ago, with half a dozen people killed. There have been persistent threats of attack since the 2018 incident. Neighboring Kum village in Riyom LGA likewise.

Armed men believed to be herders on Sunday ambushed three farmers in Central Nigeria, killing one, Emancipation Centre for Crisis Victims in Nigeria reports.

The three, all natives of Kum village in Plateau State’s Riyom area were attacked near Riyom town at about 9pm, it was learnt.

36years old Bitrus Chollom, a father of four was killed on the spot, while the rest escaped with injuries, locals say.

Bitrus buried in home village

Bitrus’ murder has put the education of his four children at risk. Many African fathers are the breadwinners of their families. They also control all sources of income in the family. In the event of their demise, their dependent wives and children become prone to abuse, malnutrition and illiteracy.

He was a pleasant farmer, and his wife, Esther, a petty trader, with less than $2USD income a week. Though their children attend public schools, which are subsidized at the elementary level, feeding, transportation, uniforms, books and other learning materials might be a challenge henceforth.

Last three weeks, a similar attack in neighboring Bassa area caused the displacement of over 300 women and children. In one of such attacks in Zirshe village, over ten houses and food bans were burnt.