January 27, 2023

Nigerians living on daily earnings at risk of “Hunger Disease” – Muslim Youths

Many rural women live by picking and selling firewood

Nigerian officials might need to speedily provide “palliatives” to poor citizens, or risk a hunger epidemic, local Muslim Youths say.

Citizens who live on daily earnings, the National Council of Muslim Youth Organizations (NACOMYO), Plateau State Chapter says are at risk of “hunger disease” with persistent nationwide lockdown against Coronavirus.

“Government must be commended for the measures taken so far in safeguarding the health and lives of its citizens against the ravaging coronavirus pandemic,” said the group in a press through its state Secretary General, Mr. Ali Ali.

“illegal” activities have also spiked at the Central Nigerian Plateau State boundaries since the discovery of the novel coronavirus disease in the country, threatening human survival.

Despite nationwide ban on interstate movements, people still cross into the state “on a daily basis,” said NACOMYO.

This according to it is evidenced by the recent discovery of the first case of the virus in the State in a Kano returning traveler.

Government, the group said should “as a matter of urgency strengthen the security of all state boundaries” to guard against illegal entry.

“Let it not be that some unscrupulous and unpatriotic elements are sabotaging the efforts of government in combating the disease for their own personal gains,” says the statement.