December 10, 2022

Nigerians reject Agency for Boko Haram Rehabilitation

Joel Gomiyar.

Nigerians have reacted against the proposed bill sponsored by senator Ibrahim Gaidam, a former governor of Yobe state seeking the establishment of an agency for the rehabilitation of repentant Boko Haram members.

The bill titled: “National Agency for the Education, Rehabilitation, De-radicalization and Integration of repentant insurgents in Nigeria (Est, etc) Bill, 2020” passed first reading at the floor of the Senate on Thursday.

Speaking with Lightbearer newspaper, Barrister Ayiwulu Baba Ayiwulu said the bill is uncall for and a misplaced priority. According to him, the senate should come up with bills that can carter for victims of the insurgency, rebuilding the ruined communities and support the nation security to end the insurgents instead of rewarding and encouraging terrorist.

He opined that comparing Boko Haram with the then Niger Delta militancy is wrong, noting that the Militants in the Niger Delta were fighting for a cause, “but what is the Boko Haram fighting for that can justify the bill”? He asked.

On his part, Dr. Ishaku Akyala noted that the bill is coming as a result of what he calls “a directionless leadership” in the country.

“If we underpaid politicians and overpaid teachers, there would be smarter people and less stupid laws. Creation of Agency for rehabilitation of repentant boko haram is like the government is rewarding them for a job well done” Dr. Akyala stated.

The bill sponsored by the APC senator representing Yobe East has generated reaction across the country where some commentators are calling on security agencies to interrogate the senator.

Senator Ibrahim Gaidam, sponsor of the bill