December 2, 2022

Officials raising “mini Hollywood” in Plateau State

Model Jos, old airport roundabout

Nigeria’s State of Plateau, has started to group local creative talents in a rare move to internationalize the sector.

“We want to have a mini Hollywood here, where world-class works of art will exported from, that anyone looking for standard productions in Africa will come to Plateau,” Mr. Haggai Gutap, the Director General of Plateau State Microfinance Development Agency (PLASMIDA) said, Monday.
The goal is to create jobs, improve local economy and enhance State image, said Haggai in a meeting with Bloggers in Jos.

A proposed “Plateau Creatives Hub” currently being designed by PLASMIDA, will bring diverse creative artists in a shared facility, to ease production and distribution.

“If we must improve our economy, we must have a platform that is accommodating to all practitioners in the sector. That will enable us to have revenue and invest in what you are doing to create jobs.

“We are in talks with the entire creatives in the Plateau. We have musicians association, we have bloggers association, we have filmmakers and producers among others.

“We are trying to set up a Plateau Creatives Hub that will bring all of these teams in a shared facility to provide access to our proposed Plateau Creative Fund, which will relief or lighten the cost of production and marketing of creative works”.

A meeting of all creatives in the State was held last month. Officials of the proposed Creative Hub are already being constituted, before the final name verification and registration of the association.The association is expected to run independently, but in synergy with Government, which provides regulations and networks with finance agencies around the world.