January 28, 2023

One Month after: Bokkos Community reveals why they were attack

Marish community in Bokkos local government area of Plateau state which came under attack recently have revealed why they were attacked by the fulani settlers after decades of peaceful coexistence.

The community disclosed that the attacks which they said were well planned and executed was a coordinated effort to wipe out the entire community for the fulani settlers to occupy.

One of the locals who spoke to the Lightbearer revealed that the settlers wanted to wipe them out and dominate their land, “but we saw God’s glory in our lives, many of us are still alive and we have returned”. He said.

“These people have been living here, farming and rearing their cattle for decades, we live together and share things together as we used to attend their events and they also attend ours.

Our people bought Motorcycles and gave them for commercial use, we gave them food but we never thought these same people will turn against us like this” one of the locals revealed.

Marish community was attacked on the 27 of January 2020 after an attack on Kwatas in the same local government area. About 23 persons were killed, houses and other property were also burnt by the assailants and hundreds of the host communities were displaced.

The community is appealing for a security outpost in the area to curtail further attacks. They equally want the government to provide social amenities like access roads and schools as the only secondary school in the locality is is owned by the community.