January 28, 2023

Opposing truth about herdsmen killings ‘Satanic’ – Sen. Gyang

Senator Istifanus Gyang speaks at a continental summit in Dakar, Senegal (file photo)

The Senator representing Plateau North in the Nigerian National Assembly, Istifanus Gyang has said that those criticizing him for openly condemning the persisting attacks in his constituency are merely attempting to “disparage, label and stigmatize” him for political gains. 

Labeling anyone as “tribalist” and “enemy” of peace for “voicing out” for victims of “sustained attacks, killings and displacements”, the Senator said on Sunday, is “anti-Plateau”.

“Is anyone in doubt about who is getting killed and who the killers are on the Plateau or anywhere else in the Northern states? Whether in Zamfara, Katsina, Sokoto, Niger or Kaduna, is it still a subject of debate?

“That 10 traditional rulers were assassinated in Plateau North is not enough for an alarm to be sounded? Not to talk of further threats against the safety of those still alive. To brand the alarm raised by Senator Gyang as tribalism is unfortunate and satanic. So the killing of the traditional rulers is not the problem but raising alarm against it is the problem?” Gyang querried.

Peace building, the Senator said in a press statement through his media Advisor, Musa Ashoms, “does not mean to deny facts nor overlook the reality of prolonged attacks on communities in Plateau North; neither does advocating peace means concealing the identity of attackers and killers; nor does it mean applauding government and security agencies in the face of failure to arrest increasing and rising wave of terrorism, insurgency, banditry and killings across the nation.”

Local newspaper reports had accused the Senator of incitement.

Gyang had on Friday at the funeral of a murdered Village Chief in his constituency demanded probe on growing assassination of traditional rulers and their civilian subjects.

An acclaimed peace group however lashed the Senator as unfairly criticising securities and labeling herdsmen as the killers.
The Senator however maintained that his comments at the funeral were excerpts from his motion at the Senate last Wednesday.