December 2, 2022

Plateau: All adults to pay N300 compulsory tax from 2022

Mr. Dashe Arlat holds press conference in Jos on Dec 20

Officials in Plateau State say they will resume collecting a compulsory ‘development levy’ from all adults in the State from January 2022.

“Development Levy is a tax payable by all adults from 18years. It stands at N300 every year,” said Chairman of the Plateau State Internal Revenue Service, Mr. Dashe Arlat to newsmen on 20 Dec.

“It’s like the normal tax that our forefathers used to pay when there was no formal tax. The traditional ruler used to collect what we call Gandu [in Hausa language] but this time around it’s the development levy. Once it’s collected within the community it should be brought back [to us] so we are having an account for that,” said Arlat.

“There is also development levy on construction companies and other firms like banks pegged at about N5000-50,000. We are going to make sure everyone pays that,” he said, noting the tax will be used to build infrastructure in communities.

The IRS will according to him ensure all citizens obtain a mandatory “tax identification number” and periodically show evidence of tax payment to the service.

“One thing to note is that not having tax identification number is a crime in Plateau. Whether you are paying tax or not you must have the number.

“And as people living in Plateau, you must have a tax certificate to prove that you’ve cleared yourself of all taxes in 2021 as we’re running into 2022. From January to March [2022], it is expected that all those within the informal sector show us evidence of tax payment. And the way to do that is through the tax certificate.

“We are going to also make sure we enforce that on everybody including everybody [journalists] seated here,” he said.