December 2, 2022

Plateau Lawmakers dump teachers recruitment for civilian guards following killings

Philip Dasun (left) addresses Journalists over growing killings in Plateau State, Friday

The Plateau State House of Assembly has directed all Local Governments to suspend their planned recruitment of teachers for civilian guards, after violent attacks claimed over 80 lives between 14 Aug and 25 Aug.

According to the Lawmakers, the order is due to the “urgent need” for citizens to “stand up and defend themselves” amid growing attacks.

“We strongly call on Plateau People to practically stand up and defend themselves and their communities, as the conventional security design is no longer guaranteeing our safety as a people,” said the House Committee Chairman on Information, Philip Dasun, Friday in a press conference in Jos.

“As a sign of commitment to this Urgent need for the People to protect themselves, the Plateau State House of Assembly has directed all Local Government Chairmen to suspend their planned recruitment of Adhoc Staff and instead recruit 200 Vigilante Personnel in each Local Government Area to boost and argument Local Intelligence Gathering,”

“We call on the Executive Governor of Plateau State, Rt. Hon. Simon Bako Lalong, to come up with a statement defending us as a People and to bring back renewed commitment to the cause of Plateau,” Dasun added.

The Lawmakers were disappointed that 72hrs after 35 Christians were killed in the State, President Muhammadu Buhari had yet to issue a statement as he did within 3hrs when 22 Muslims were killed in the State on 14 Aug in a reprisal mob violence.

“We are still expecting with high hopes, the President to also come up with a statement about the killings in Yelwa Zangam just as he did in the killings of travelers along Rukuba Road and to also indicate a sign of justice or we will see him as being reflexive about the conflict in Plateau” Dasun said.