December 2, 2022

Plateau: One killed, N200m worth crops destroyed in 600 Farmlands- BYM

The leadership of the Berom Youth Moulders-Association-BYM said one of its members, Alpha Pam Baren, aged 23 of Bangai village in Bachi District, Riyom Local Government Area of Plateau State, Central-Nigeria has been gruesomely murdered in another ambush by suspected Fulani Militia.

Statement by the BYM National Publicity Secretary, Rwang Tengwong on Monday in Jos, the Plateau State Capital said the BYM under the leadership of Dalyop Solomon Mwantiri, condemned in it totality the killing of the young man.

Mr. Tengwong said according to the report they received from the community, the suspects laid an ambush and stabbed Alpha Pam Baren at about 2:23pm on Sunday, 25th September, 2022.

The report says before the unfortunate incident, the deceased alongside his father and others spotted Cows grazing on their Rice farm and they had peaceably drove out the cows belonging to an identified Fulani leader in that general area.

“While others had gone ahead on their way back to Bangai, the unsuspecting deceased person was following a little bit distance without knowing some Fulani Militias had already laid an ambush in a nearby Corn farm wherefrom they swiftly emerged and stabbed him on the back” he said.

The sad incident left Mr Alpha in a pool of blood in which he struggled for survival, but could not make it to the hospital. He was later rushed to the hospital where he died and his corpse was deposited at Vom Christian Hospital.

This carnage according to BYM is coming 6 days after a 60 year old woman by name Laraba Dauda of Mere village in Rahoss Community of Riyom LGA was attacked and killed by a group of Fulani militias when she reportedly went into the bush of the area to pick firewood for cooking.

Mr. Tengwong said the Sector Commander in charge of Riyom and surroundings, Col. W.O. Ubi had pacified the crowd during the last attack and also assured them of going down to the root of the situation for necessary action which the Berom native inhabitants believed there will be justice at last.

“While we patiently wait to see justice as assured, here again another terror aside increasing destruction of farm crops both on broad daylight and at night.

“The Youths body is impelled to ask these pertinent questions for needed response from the authority that be; for how long shall we continue to count our love ones murdered by these fulani militias without justice?

“For how long shall we continue to look like the hopeful but helpless chicken whose chicks are picked one after another by the hawk? Doesn’t a Berom man deserve Government protection, just like any other Nigerian? Why has there continued to be utter silence and neglect by Government at all levels concerning the continued unprovoked killings, land grab, alarming destruction of farm crops, threats and intimidation of lives, human right abuses including sexual harassment and rape, armed robbery, theft and kidnapping amongst many?

“Wouldn’t we be right to assert that failure on the part of Government to ensure justice in the obvious plight of Berom ethnic nationality is an encouragement to the militias to continue perpetrating their orchestras?

“Despite provocative grazing and destruction of farmlands in Riyom, Barkin Ladi and Jos South Local Government Areas, where a variety of crops such as maize, Irish Potatoes, Fonio (Chun/Acha), Rice, Yam, Tomatoes, Cabbage, Soya-Beans, etc have been completely destroyed since the setting in of the rains.

“Worthy of note is that, over 600 farmlands in Heipang, Gashish, Ropp, Wereng, Kwi, Jol, Bachi, Rahoss, Foron, Gyel, Vwang, Kuru with crops worth over N200,000,000 (Two Hundred Millions Naira) have been destroyed within the said time frame.

“Going by the ceaseless barbarism of the marauders against our corporate existence and survival, we magnanimously remain accommodative in the face of the terrorism daily visited on us. This an all encompassing strategy of wiping the entire Berom tribe from our ancestral land and the face of the earth by the common enemy of the State.

“We appeal to the Executive Governor of Plateau State, His Excellency, Rt. Hon. Simon Bako Lalong to, as a matter of urgency, break the silnce over the continuous evil being perpetrated against the Berom people in this civilize era.

“Where there is not purposeful response to the ordeal of our people, we would be left with no option other to firmly believe that the omission on the part of the authority is an affirmation to the recent Interview made in 2022 as hosted by Mannir Dan Ali on Trust TV’s “Thirty Minutes”, where Mr Governor who was talking about the over 2 decade-crisis in Plateau state said he is having affiliation with the Hausa/Fulani Community.

“We wish to remind the governor that everything that has a beginning has an end, and in a few months, he will join the league of Ex-Governors of Plateau state. The question is, what will he be remembered for in the State, particularly by Berom nation?

“We still want to call on our people to remain calm, law abiding and allow security agencies to handle the deliberate act of terrorism being unleashed on us at this critical season that is very precarious to our humanity.

“We appeal to the conscience of Security operatives to dispassionately investigate all the incidences of inhumanity of the Fulani militias to Berom ethnic extraction for onward prosecution of anyone found to have taken part in of the aforementioned cases herein.

The Apex Youths body in Berom nation also beckons on the new Commander of Sector 6, Col. W.O. Ubi to synergize with Sector 4 Commander, Col. M. D. Abdulsallam to replicate the modus operandi in Barkin Ladi in order to get rid of criminal and terror elements from the general area.

“We pray God to forgive the perpetrators of these condemnable acts and grant the soul of the deceased eternal rest. God bless the Berom nation, God bless Plateau state, God bless Nigeria” the statement.