January 28, 2023

Plateau Peace Agency digs old reports of Judicial Commissions investigating Jos crises

Governor Simon Lalong (Middle) meets foreign partners to reopen abandoned businesses in Plateau State: representative image

The Plateau State Peace Building Agency says it is pushing for the implementation of reports from past Commissions of Inquiry into Jos Crises.

This should reduce incidences of violence and likelihood of resistance to peace processes, Director General of the Plateau State Peace Building Agency, Joseph Lengmang said, Tuesday.

Lengmang during a live Rhythm FM discussion Program – Press Conference, said PPBA would have a roundtable with the Centre for Humanitarian Dialogue and related organizations to examine the old Commission reports for implementation.

He said, “The idea is to bring all these reports, with a view to take a critical look at them, bringing all stakeholders from all the Ministries Departments and Agencies and let them know that there are resolutions, there are outcomes from series of reconciliation processes that need to be implemented.

“Some touch on issues of energy, some on transportation, some touch on infrastructure like water, health and all what not.

“We are creating awareness on these reports and we are hoping that this will help in deepening the peace and rebuilding the broken social fabric of our society.”

Presently, the agency is working with community stakeholders to encourage forgiveness, reconciliation and restitution, said Lengmang.

In his words, “That is what restorative justice is all about. People are hurting. The fact that they are not carrying arms does not mean that permanent peace has returned.

“But looking at all these responses, do we continue hurting to the point that we break down and likely bequeath a legacy of instability to our children, even psychologically…but alternatively we can talk about what we can do to forgive the past in order to reconcile the future.

“That is what restitution is all about. It is a whole package. I’m not saying that we just talk about these things rhetorically speaking and then people disappear and it is okay.

“There are concrete steps to follow and these are some of the complexities associated with peace work in itself.”