January 28, 2023

Plateau: Rigiza Christians and Muslims Hold Peace Parley.

Christians and Muslims of Rigiza district in Jos North LGA of Plateau state have opened the year 2023 with a peace parley.

The parley which was at the instance of the district’s interfaith leadership had leaders from both the Christian and Muslim faith speaking on the need for peaceful coexistence among all ethnic and religious groups within the district.

Rev. Joel Nimchefa Emmanuel who is the Chairman Naraguta Interfaith and Peace Building Committee Rigiza district gave a message of peace from the Christian perspective.

Rev. Joel Nimchefa Emmanuel, Chairman of the Interfaith and Peace Building Committee, Rigiza District

 He read from Jeremiah 29:7 and said Christians are being called to seek the peace of the land that they are living in and Jesus whom Christians believe is the son of God, is also the Prince of peace. And has commanded Christians to love their enemies and pray for those who persecute them.

He went further by saying that the peace parley is not to deceive anyone but to tell the truth on the need and benefits of peaceful coexistence within their communities. He called on Christians to repent and get rid of every form of deceit that has misled them in the past and embrace the truth that’s in the Bible.

Rev. Nimchefa who is also on transfer to a new station by his Church in his farewell address appealed to the people to sustain the interfaith parley and to live in peace with one another as that is the only way their community will develop.

In his message the Assistant Chairman Imam Ibrahim Mohammed who spoke on peaceful coexistence between muslims and adherents of other religions from the Islamic point of view said the greatest sin before God is killing a human being. 

Imam Ibrahim Mohammed, Assistant Chairman of the Committee

According to him all humans irrespective of ethnicity or religious beliefs descended from Adam and God in his laws given to prophet Moses forbids killing of human life as it is written both in the Quran and the Bible.

He said there are three things that both Muslims and Christians believe in, these include: death, the day of judgment where all will be rewarded according to their deeds and both religions believe in Heaven and hell. He added that with such understanding no one should be deceived to kill in the name of religion because even Prophet Mohammed lived in peace with Christians in his days irrespective of their differences on who Jesus was. The Muslims believe he was a Prophet while Christians believe he is the son of God.

Participants at the parley

The District Head of Rigiza, His Royal Highness Ugumoh Luka Wariya in his speech thanked the people for all the efforts being made towards  lasting peace in the district especially the organizers of the peace parley. He encouraged the people to live in peace with one another irrespective of religious or ethnic differences. 

He also called on the youth in the district to do away with drugs in order to attain their goals in life. He called on the people to extend the  peace message to those who were not in attendance. He promised to do his best to promote peaceful coexistence within his domain.

There were goodwill messages from the Fulani, Hausa and Naraguta communities. Others were representative of women, CAN and the Security.