February 4, 2023

Plateau State records 7 Cases of Monkey Pox Virus

Plateau State has confirmed Seven cases of Monkey Pox as of today Thursday.

The Plateau State Epidemiologist, Mrs Martina Nuwan stated this while given an update on the virus in the state at her office in Jos, the state capital.

She said so far, out of the 24 suspected samples they took, 7 were confirmed positive while the results of 2 that were taken yesterday are still pending.

Mrs. Martina said there was a called from Bassa local government area yesterday of another suspected case which their surveillance team are moving to handle.

She said all the 7 cases were treated at Bingham University Teaching Hospital and the Jos University Teaching Hospital, with no death recorded yet.

According to Mrs. Nuwan though the primary source of transmission of the virus is from animal but has a secondary transmission from human and in a contaminated environment like surfaces and clothes of an infected person.

She said everybody is vulnerable to Monkey Pox disease, including infants and the aged, but research shown that most of the people that are infected by the virus are between the ages of 30 to 50 years.

Mrs. Nuwan added that generally, the male sex has the highest number of infected person’s, compare to female, but in Plateau State as of now most of the victims are female.

She said Monkey Pox symptoms are not different from most of the viral diseases but there are some clinical manifestations like fever, weakness of the body and the most topical one is Rashes on the face of the person before spreading to other parts of the body.

“It can be all over the body, but 95% is found on the face” she added.

The Epidemiologist said, some precautionary measures that people need to take against contacting Monkey Pox virus are to avoid direct contact with animals and people with manifestations of the symptoms, avoid contact with bedding and other materials contaminated with the virus.

She advised infected Person’s to isolate themselves when such symptoms are manifesting and encouraged people to always go to hospital when they discovered any abnormalities in their body.

She added that though for now there is no vaccine for Monkey Pox but it’s believes that the Small Pox vaccine can also prevent the Monkey Pox since they are of the similar virus and is curable.

Mrs. Nuwan said government of the state through Ministry of Health has an Enhance Surveillance Team and the Public Health Emergency Response Center that are coordinating emerging and reemerging diseases like the Monkey Pox.

Monkey Pox was declared a public health emergency of International concern by World Health Organization this year.