January 28, 2023

Positive Attitude can mitigate spread of Covid19- Medical Expert

A medical expert in Plateau state Dr. Damulak Obadiah has said change of attitudes among people to adhere strictly to laid down rules can effectively mitigate the spread of Covid19 in the country.

He stated that if people can do away with their nonchalant attitudes and maintain personal hygiene, keep to at least two metres spacing distance, avoid crowdy environment and stays at home it will go along way to contain the situation.

“The problem is our attitude, if you hear that Dr. Damulak has been quarantine or tested positive, will you remember that you were with him and summit yourself for test? That is our problem because those people who entered the plane with those who were diagnosed, immediately they were supposed to rush for test but did they do that? No, so our attitude is our major problem” he said.

He said even if government have the best of the centre here, it will only benefit those who avail themselves, because people attitudes towards disclosure is very low.

“Government have came up with a policy direction for the citizens to follow, but it will surprise you to see how many people would adhere to these directives, that is our attitudes” he added.

Dr. Damulak advised the public to learn a lesson from China, that when it started some of them neglected the rules put in place by the government, until it almost get worse before they obeyed and today in the country there is no new case of the virus because they obeyed advises of the expert.

He urged the government to match their words with action by enforcing the rules on people to curtail further spread in the country.

Dr. Damulak advice is coming at a time when the Plateau state government has ordered the closure of markets among other regulations for the Plateau citizens to follow.