January 27, 2023

Strange Fire: PRU Visits Kano, Prays for Missionary

Throughout the ages there have been intense persecution of both the gospel and preachers of the gospel of Christ saving grace ranging from diabolical invocations, exiles, verbal abuses, arrests, imprisonments, and different kinds of horrific executions championed by the religious, cultural, and socio-political authorities of the day.

‘Accept Islam or face hell’ was the threat issued to License Pastor Daniel Hassan, one of the COCIN Community Missions, CCM evangelists in Gani zone of Samaila Local Government Area, Kano State. Little did he know that his refusal to comply would lead to numerous struggles with strange fires destroying all food items and clothings in his house for over two years.

Although the RCC leadership in Kano made emergency interventions to salvage the situation both prayerfully and materially, it did not suffice as in one incident, it was gathered that supplies of food and clothes were given to support the mission station and the items were stored in the church sanctuary but yet, the strange fire did not spare them.

More worrisome is the fact that this fire does not set the entire house ablaze but focuses only on food items and clothings.

This strange scenario drew the attention of the COCIN Prayer and Revival Unit who saw it as a common burden to shoulder and render all necessary spiritual counsel and prayers deemed necessary.

In the first visit, Rev. Ezekiel Dachomo, the Coordinator, went in company of Rev. Hosea Pennap Selbol and Rev. Damar John Joseph wherein the congregation of believers there were greatly encouraged by the visit.

Soon afterwards, a second batch led again by the Coordinator and  accompanied by Rev. Samaila Matawal, Rev. Dammo Amos and Rev. Samson Yohanna went with some food items and took time to address the issue both with the evangelist’ family and congregation as a whole.

Encouragement was given from the book of Daniel 3:8-25 wherein the strange fire of Nebuchadnezzar could not hurt the three Jewish believers who depended on the supernatural power of God to save them. It was confirmed that after the visit, the strange fire incident stopped to God’s glory.

Rev. Mark Samson Guyit, the Kano RCC chairman expressed gratitude to the Prayer and Revival Unit for the effort and support and maintained that they will do the needful in seeing that the mission field is taken good care of.