December 6, 2022

Suicide Bomb: COCIN Hqrts in Thanksgiving for God’s Deliverance

The Church of Christ in Nations, COCIN Headquarters Church yesterday held a special service to commemorate a suicide bomb attack on the church which killed 5 people including the suicide bomber in February, 26, 2012.

Members say it was a day God saved hundreds of worshipers from the bloody suicide bomb that hit the Church during a Sunday service.

At the Church mid week prayer service, the Church held an extra ordinary thanksgiving session, appreciating God for saving them from the well planned attack of a high magnitude that could have wiped away the Church from the face of the earth.

One of the Pastors of the Church, Rev. Moses Chagumi said despite the trauma of what happened, they discovered that God was on their side if not, the casualty and destruction could have been worse.

He enjoined the congregation to always give thanks to God in every situation, adding that God has been faithful and is ever faithful in all His ways.

Rev. Moses maintained that “the enemy intended to destroy God’s people worshiping at the service but God averted it hence, we should always run to the Lord in our difficult moments”.

The Church warden, Mr. Alhamis Gokas who was injured by the blast, said the bomber drove past him by the church gate before detonating his bomb laden car.

He said he thank God for His banner over him and the entire worshipers, who could have all been wiped out during the attack but God sustained them.

The Church is praying for God to continue protecting it from enemies of the gospel of Christ.

ItΒ could be recalled that the bomb explosion killed the bomber, 3 other worshipers including a little girl and one member who was mistaken as one of the terrorists. Cars parked by members and the Church auditorium were also badly damaged.

Remains of the suicide bomber’s car still at the church premises