January 28, 2023

“Take your place in society”, Niger Cleric tells youths

Rev. Daman

From Mathew Jwantu, Minna

A Niger cleric, Rev. Luther Joseph Damang, has challenged youths to “take up” their place in society.

At the 2020 annual Youth Camp held at COCIN LCC Minna, Rev. Damang said this the youths can do through “exemplary lives”.

Reading from Ecclesiastes 12:2, and 1 Timothy 4:12, the cleric said the most dangerous stage in human life is youthful age, hence, the one must take careful decisions therein.

He said, “It strikes me that whereas our youth can be quite impetuous and sometimes a bit silly, they are, nonetheless, a wonderful resource in the kingdom of heaven.

“The Bible is replete with examples of how God has used younger people in some of the most vital roles in the unfolding of his marvelous plan of redemption such as Joseph, Marry, Josiah, Jeremiah Timothy among others”.

Speaking on the theme for the gathering, Guest Speaker at the event, Moses Pwanshak advised youths to work towards fruitful transitions to old age.