December 10, 2022

Tearfund partners Christian Leaders to tackle Environmental Degradation

An International Nongovernmental Organization known as tearfund in Nigeria has expressed concern over environmental degradation caused by human factors in the society.

In a bid to mitigate tis scourge , the organization hold talks recently with Christian leaders in Plateau state to create awareness among their various congregation of different denominations on the project tagged, “renew our world”.

At the conference in Jos, the organizers and speakers took time and made presentations on causes, effects and how to address environmental related issues by first changing individuals’ thinking about the environment as such will further transform the entire society and the whole world will be better.

Speaking on the choice of religious leaders for the conference, the Country Director of tearfund, Mr. Paul Mershak noted that one of their mandates is to preserve what God created that is why the organization is passionate about issues on the environment.

“So we see the Church as one of the major entry point into the community in our work generally, and that is why we have the leaders here with us to ensure that we sensitize them, encourage them and motivate them into ensuring that they take issues of environment and creation care seriously as the mandate given to us in Genesis 1,2&3” Mr. Mershak said.

He explained that human activities are causing major damages to the environment and with the changes in the environment like the climate change, heat and flood among many other risks that human being are exposed to, only when the people changes their thinking and start doing what God is expected, the world will never change for good.

The tearfund country director urged the church leaders to engage their members in the sensitization campaign either through sermon or designate an awareness day in their churches to speak mainly on protecting the environment to better the society.

At the end of the conference, the participants made commitment on action plans and how to execute them for the overall interest and benefit of the society at large.

Participants at the end of the seminar