Vice Chancellor Inspects Ongoing Projects in Plateau State University

The Vice Chancellor of the Plateau State University Bokkos, Prof. Bernard Matur on Tuesday embarked on a comprehensive tour of ongoing infrastructural projects within the university campus.

The primary objective of the inspection was to ensure the timely completion of the projects in preparation for the students’ resumption from the summer holidays, according to a statement issued by the VC’s spokesman, Dafang James.

During the tour, the Vice Chancellor assessed the progress of key projects aimed at enhancing the overall campus experience for students and faculty members, the statement says.

Among the projects inspected were the renovation of girls’ hostel which the statement says is part of the university’s commitment to providing comfortable and safe accommodation for its female students.

Others were Water Reticulation at the University Library, Solar Panel Installations and the Remodeling of Lecture Theaters.

“To improve the accessibility of water resources on campus, a water reticulation project at the university library was inspected. Prof. Matur, emphasized the significance of a well-equipped library and applauded the progress made in ensuring an uninterrupted water supply,” says the statement.

“The installation of solar panels is a forward-looking initiative to promote sustainable energy usage within the university. The Vice Chancellor acknowledged the importance of renewable energy sources and encouraged further developments in this area,” adds the statement.

“Enhancing the lecture facilities is also vital to creating a conducive learning environment. Prof. Matur, inspected the remodeling work in lecture theaters, highlighting the role they play in the educational process,” it noted.

“The Vice Chancellor, Prof. Matur, Bernard Malau, expressed his satisfaction with the dedication and diligence demonstrated by the project teams responsible for these initiatives. He emphasized the university’s commitment to providing a world-class education experience for its students and the importance of completing these projects on schedule.

“Plateau State University Bokkos remains dedicated to fostering excellence in education and ensuring that the infrastructure supports the academic goals of its students and faculty,” the statement concludes.

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