December 9, 2022

Woman dies hearing of only son’s murder

Mother and son buried same day in Plateau

Mrs. Theresa Yohanna Bwai, 52, a diabetic patient for over ten years, last Wednesday, died of cardiac arrest, after receiving the tragic news of her only son’s death.

Mr. Bwehfa Isaac Yohanna Bwai, 22, was born to Theresa and her husband, Yohanna Bwai, after about ten years of childlessness. The couple never had another child till she went blind from a condition Doctors link to her prolonged diabetes treatment.

In Ron, a tribe in Bokkos Local Government Area of Plateau State, fondly called Chala, a local greeting, Bwehfa means “God gives”. The boy was a source of joy, and a treasure that the couple would give their all for.

Due to her condition, Theresa had no job. Her husband, a federal civil servant retired a few months ago. Bwehfa, a Second year undergraduate student of National Film Institute Jos, had projected to care for them soon as he started earning after graduating. He had taken to music and photography to complement his parents’ income as he pursued his career in film production. But Wednesday was his last day on Earth. 

“He left home for school in the morning and unlike him, by 6pm he wasn’t home yet. We tried to reach him on the phone but could not, then shortly later we were alerted to his corpse in the neighborhood,” said a relation.

Bwehfa was peaceful and fun to be with, said a neighbor, in ECWA Staff Community along Zaria road, Jos, but why would anyone kill him? Police suspect he was attacked by violent cult gangs.

Perhaps, being in the performing arts, he’d been approached by a gang in the neighborhood to sign up as a member, but he declined. It is also likely that he had clashes with a member on stage, at school, in the street or just anywhere, over power, a girlfriend, anything… Chances also are that he was associated with a rival gang.

Be that as it may, the testimonies about him were positive when he was buried right next to his mother this Wednesday, in Daffo, Bokkos LGA. Furthermore, no direct links have been confirmed between him and cult groups.

Cult Activities in Jos

Cult related violence has worsened in the last one decade in some Northern suburbs of Jos, the capital of Plateau State. The latest of such attacks is the last three weeks’ murder of an artisan in Rayfield, in Jos South, by suspected cult members from a northern suburb, and last two weeks’ murder of a male hairstylist in Hwolshe, also in Jos South, by suspected cult members from a northern suburb. Bwehfa’s murder, last week suggests serial murder, taking place after each week. 

Why the attacks however, no one knows, at least just yet. Securities are still investigating, but even if they find links to any cult groups, it might be difficult to arrest them, given their reported high firepower.

Special Task Force operatives however last week paraded over a dozen suspected cultists, mostly without any exhibits, an important variable in securing conviction.